Spring 2013 E-Lert, Issue 1


The Office of Orientation & First-Year Programs is excited to welcome you to Geneseo!  To help you connect with us, we've designed this e-newsletter series to keep you informed with helpful information about opportunities, resources, and support services available to you as a Geneseo student. 

Meet the Orientation Staff

Orientation Advisors (OAs) are returning students who hold various leadership roles on our campus, and are here to assist with your transition to Geneseo.  OAs are dedicated students who have great pride in Geneseo and are eager to share their experience with each of you!  OAs receive extensive training and are available during sessions to answer questions, serve as resources and provide guidance to you and your family.  Each OA will have a small group of 10-12 first-year students they will work with through orientation.

Student Orientation Coordinators (SOCs)
are students who have been OAs for at least a year.  They help plan OA recruitment and selection, assisting in planning OA training, process summer orientation reservations, and assist by answering phones.  Chances are you've probably spoken with one of them if you've called our office!

still need to make a reservation for January orientation?

Orientation is your first step to a great academic life and transition to Geneseo.  Our orientation program introduces you to exciting opportunities that are available to you as a Geneseo student.  When you come to orientation you will register for classes, meet other new students, learn about organizations and events on campus, and began to develop relationships with faculty and staff.

During orientation you'll meet one-on-one with an advisor and select your courses for the spring semester.  To sign up, click here.

Before you come to Orientation and Move to Campus

Have you completed the following items?


Paperwork to be completedWhen to completeSpecial Notes
High School TranscriptsPrior to
January 18
Official copies of your transcripts should be sent to the Office of the Registrar in a sealed envelope.
Transcripts from any other colleges attendedPrior to
January 18
Official copies of your transcripts should be sent to the Office of the Registrar in a sealed envelope.
Advanced Placement Credits
Prior to
January 18
Official copies of your transcripts should be sent to the Office of the Registrar in a sealed envelope.
Medical Forms
Prior to start of spring semester
 Information about medical forms can be found here.
Read and agree to the Student Code of ConductPrior to
January 18
The code can be found on the Dean of Students website. For complete instructions, click here.  To agree to the code log into KnightWeb.
View the available courses for spring 2013Prior to
January 18

Take a look at the course offerings for the spring semester.  You can do this through KnightWeb or by viewing the Master Schedule.  Note: Don't try and construct a schedule, but write down some courses that may interest you.

Sign up for the New Student DinnerBy January 18To sign up, click here.

Did you know...

You can check your email, the weather, movie times, and your meal plan balance by visiting one web site?  Your myGeneseo account can help you organize your information and it can be personalized to meet your needs.  Like to have access to breaking news and your e-mail?  Check out the tool bar on the right and it is at your fingertips!  Log into KnightWeb and myCourses directly from your homepage.  Here's a detailed guide to navigating myGeneseo.

General Education & Liberal arts breadth Requirements

What is General Education?

The General Education curriculum at SUNY Geneseo provides the broad knowledge and fundamental skills that are the necessary possession of an educated citizen and the proper foundation for specialized study in a particular discipline.  In doing so, Geneseo's General Education curriculum advances the mission of the College.

General Education Requirements:

Mathematics R/ Choose one course from R/ list   3-4
Basic Communication   INTD 105: Writing Seminar: (subtitle)
Natural Sciences I Lecture and Lab
N/ PREF 1 Choose lec/lab, first prefix, from N/ list   3-4
Social Sciences I S/ PREF 1 Choose one course, first prefix, from S/ list   3
Fine Arts I F/ PREF 1 Choose one course, first prefix, from F/ list   3
American History U/ Choose one course from U/ list   3
Other World Civilizations M/ Choose one course from M/ list   3

Geneseo Breadth Requirements:

Natural Sciences II Lecture and Lab N/ PREF 2 Choose lec/lab, second prefix, from N/ list   3-4
Social Sciences II S/ PREF 2 Choose one course, second prefix, from S/ list   0-3
Fine Arts II F/ PREF 2 Choose one course, second prefix, from F/ list   0-3
Humanities I  
 HUMN 220: Western Humanities I
Humanities II    HUMN 221: Western Humanities II
Foreign Language LANG 101
 Choose language from L/ list
  LANG 102  Choose language from L/ list   0-3
  LANG 201  Choose language from L/ list   0-3



Learn more about the General Education & Liberal Arts Breadth requirements before you arrive in January. 

Transfer of College Academic Credit

The transfer course equivalency data bank has been designed to show you how credit from other colleges will transfer to Geneseo.

Courses are accepted for transfer credit provided that a grade of C- or higher was achieved and the individual course is parallel to a course offered at SUNY Geneseo.

A maximum of 60 transfer credits from two-year colleges, 90 from four-year colleges or a combination of college credit, may be applied toward the baccalaureate degree requirements.

We encourage you to examine the Undergraduate Bulletin which deal with major and minor requirements, General Education requirements, and the writing requirement closely.

Click Here to view the Course Transfer Equivalency Data bank.

Questions? Contact the Office of the Dean of the College.

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Looking to get Involved? Consider Knightlink

Submitted by Lauren Dougherty, Assistant Director of College Union & Activities

One of the best ways to become a part of the SUNY Geneseo community is to get involved!  We want you to take advantage of the numerous opportunities outside of the classroom.

So we encourage you to join in the fun on campus through KnightLink, our new online hub for student involvement! Connect with student organizations, find out about upcoming events, connect to social media, and so much more. Getting involved on campus is an important piece of college life and KnightLink is a great way to find clubs/organizations that match your interests.

Go to knightlink.geneseo.edu (Log-in with your Geneseo username and password at the top) and let us connect you to the fun and help you get involved!

KnightLink can help you:

1) Find recognized student organizations....or better yet let us recommend them to you:

To get clubs recommended to you:

*Log-in and go to 'my involvement' on the top of the page, click on interests.

* Here you can select topics that interest you, i.e. leadership, social, outdoors

*After you select your interests you can rank them in the order of importance to you

*Now on the homepage under your profile picture you will have recommended clubs

*Click view more to see everything that matches your interest! It's that easy!

2) Find out about upcoming events quickly and easily. You can look at the event flyerboard or go to the events tab to search by keyword or view a calendar of events.

3) Connect to the Social Media outlets of Clubs/Organizations so you are always in the loop.

4) Join the organizations you are interested in, view their personalized pages, and find out about their events throughout the semester.


Oh and don't forget to add a profile picture. This way when you join an organization they will be able to know who you are and help you connect better with their organization's community.


These are just a few things KnightLink has to offer, but I encourage you to explore the site, join the fun, and get connected! knightlink.geneseo.edu, don't miss out!


KnightLink is funded by mandatory student activities fees and supported by College Union & Activities

@GeneseoFYP: Connect online & with apps

The Geneseo website, specifically Orientation & First-Year Programs, and your Geneseo e-mail are just a few of the many ways to connect with Geneseo.  How else can you be informed?  Check out our social media platforms--engage with us!

Class of 2016 Facebook

Join the Geneseo Transfers 2013-2014 Facebook page!  Many of you have already joined this group, but if you haven't joined yet, it's not too late.  It's a great way to connect with other new students in your class, see who is attending what Orientation session, ask questions, and even meet our Orientation Advisors


Follow @GeneseoFYP on Twitter!  You'll get the latest updates and information about what's happening on campus.  By following, you'll learn interesting Geneseo facts and connect with other new and returning students who are twitter users. Maybe we'll even retweet you! 


NEW!  Geneseo First-Year Programs just joined Tumblr.  Follow GeneseoFYP.  Get to know your Orientation Advisors before you arrive!  Each OA is writing a blog post and sharing a little insight with each of you before you arrive for Orientation. 


Quick links to important phone numbers, website and emails

College Office Office LocationPhone Number (585) 245-xxxxE-mail Address
College Union & ActivitiesMacVittie College Union 3215851cuact@geneseo.edu
CIT Help Desk
South Hall 225
Dean of StudentsMacVittie College Union 3545706
Dean of the CollegeErwin 1065541
Financial Aid
Erwin 104
Health & Counseling CenterLauderdale Health Center

5736--Health Services

5716--Counseling Services

Office of AdmissionsErwin Hall 5571admissions@geneseo.edu
Office of the RegistrarErwin 1025530registrar@geneseo.edu
Parking & Transportation ServicesSchrader 195978parking_transportation@geneseo.edu
Residence LifeSchrader 1315726reslife@geneseo.edu
University Police Schrader 19




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If you have any questions about Orientation & First-Year Programs, please contact us at orientation@geneseo.edu or by calling 585-245-5852. 

This e-lert is a collaborative effort between the Office of Orientation & First-Year Programs and the Office of the Dean of the College.