Accommodations for Visiting Families


While we do have a few hotels right within Geneseo, weekends with a high volume of visitors are a bit more challenging to accommodate in our quaint town. Please visit the college's lodging webpage for more information about the hotels commonly used by SUNY Geneseo families.

If the hotels at the webpage above are fully booked, there are still options. Geneseo and neighboring towns have inns, bed and breakfasts, etc. in addition to the major hotels listed on the lodging webpage. A Google Maps search of "hotels nearby" will yield four additional locations within a 15 minute drive from campus, and more within 25 minutes.

Henrietta and Batavia are larger suburbs, both about half an hour from Geneseo, which also have many additional hotels available. While this does mean you're a little farther from campus, it is still an easy drive along a simple route to Geneseo -- and of course a short drive is absolutely worth the memories you'll make with your student at Family Weekend!


If you take a plane, train, or bus into Rochester or Buffalo, we recommend renting a car from your preferred company to drive to campus. If you are unable to rent a car, there are other transportation options available for our Family Weekend guests. The services most commonly used by SUNY Geneseo guests are:

Check out the Parking and Transportation's "Plan a Trip" webpage for more options and details about how to get to Rochester and/or the SUNY Geneseo campus.