Curricular Changes (Starting Fall 2021)

Beginning with the Fall 2021 semester, we are implementing a new curriculum, with new requirements for the Philosophy major and minor, new courses and course numbers, and a new prerequisite structure. The two documents below provide an overview of these changes, one graphical, the other in plain text.

A Graphical Guide to our Curricular Changes

A Textual Overview of our Curricular Changes

Students who matriculated at Geneseo prior to Fall 2021 will continue to complete the previous requirements for the Philosophy major and minor. However, the broader changes to the curriculum we are introducing are likely to affect how students complete these requirements. As a general rule, we will ensure that these changes do not harm you--that they do not impede your progress toward program completion.

For questions or concerns about how the changes will affect you specifically, please contact your academic advisor or the Philosophy Department Chair, David Levy.