Class Cancellations & Extraordinary Weather Conditions

It is the College's policy to continue normal hours of operation and maintain a regular work and class schedule for faculty, staff members, and students during periods of severe weather as much as possible.  A hotline has been established to provide a recorded message of class cancellation notices at 245-6666.  Messages regarding class cancellations will also be sent to the all-staff and the all-student list serves.  Additionally, there will be a “Weather Alert” button on the SUNY Geneseo home page linking to applicable information when extreme weather-related conditions exist. Employees and students registered with the NY-Alert System will also receive email and text messages concerning weather-related communications.

There are circumstances that make it necessary for the President to cancel classes.  Employees who do not report for work must charge any absences to appropriate leave accruals in order to be in compliance with state attendance rules.  Unless the Governor decides to close the campus due to extraordinary circumstances, we must adhere to these guidelines.  Faculty and staff reporting to work during Extraordinary Weather Conditions should park only in B or K parking lots to permit effective snow removal.

Essential services (i.e. power plant, security,  snow removal etc.) must be maintained in spite of severe weather conditions, and college employees designated as essential services personnel must remain on duty or report to work to avoid interruption of essential services unless directed or permitted to do otherwise in accordance with these guidelinesEmployees in essential services categories shall contact their immediate supervisor for instructions related to work requirements during extraordinary weather conditions.

It is understood that all college faculty, staff, and students will be afforded the opportunity to make their own decisions about reporting to work or classes with due considerations for travel safety.

If an emergency should develop during the workday, the President or his designee may decide to cancel classes.  According to state attendance rules, if employees are sent home after starting work, they need not charge their time for that day.  This applies only to those who are present at the time the departure is directed. 

The following media sources are official notification sources during severe weather conditions:


Radio Stations:

  • Avon, 1040 AM, WYSL

  • Buffalo, 97 FM, WGRF

  • Buffalo, 103.3 FM, WEDG

  • Buffalo, 104 FM, WHTT

  • Dansville, 1400 AM, WDNY

  • Geneseo Campus, 89.3 FM, WGSU

  • Rochester, 1180 AM, WHAM

  • Rochester, 97.9 FM, WPXY

  • Rochester, 92.5 FM, WBEE

  • Rochester, 98.9 FM, The BUZZ

  • Rochester, 96.5 FM, WCMF

  • Rochester, 100.5 FM, WDVI

  • Warsaw, 1140 AM, WCJW

Television Stations:

  • Rochester, WHAM, Channel 13

  • Rochester, WROC, Channel 8 News 8 Now