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COVID-19 Visitor Policy

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SUNY Geneseo Employees, Students, Auxiliary Organizations (Campus Auxiliary Services, Research Foundation), Contractors, Tenants, and Visitors

Policy Statement

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and following regulations and guidance from New York State, SUNY Geneseo has adopted a COVID-19 Visitor Policy. This Policy highlights the protections that are required and implemented to ensure the health and safety of our campus community including students, faculty, staff, visitors and contractors. 

The College has instituted strict controls over who may visit the campus. Visitors are limited to “invited guests” only, who are expected to abide by all campus and building specific protocols. 

All College community members are responsible for being familiar with this Policy and ensuring their visitors/guests are adhering to physical distancing and masking requirements. See Policy #5-507 COVID-19 Face Mask and Preventative Measures.

Each individual has a personal responsibility to adhere to this policy to ensure our community members are safe and healthy. Being personally responsible means you take ownership of what you do and how it may impact others.



A. Student/institutional identification (IDs) are required to enter on-campus buildings. 

B. The College will determine which on-campus facilities (e.g., libraries, study lounges, recreation facilities) will be closed to the general public (e.g., not students or employees) or will be limited to specific hours for members of the general public. 

C. Visitors and guests must fill out a Visitor Screening Questionnaire upon arrival.

D. Appropriate business function visits include, but are not limited to:

  1. Guests of the Admissions Office on an official tour and/or self-guided tour of the College;
  2. A constituent meeting with College Advancement;
  3. A visitor meeting with a faculty member for professional purposes;
  4. A contractor performing a singular function such as a one-time repair or examining a facility to provide an estimate;
  5. A person filing a report at the University Police Department; and
  6. A non-affiliated member of the community patronizing the Credit Union in the College Union. 

E. Inappropriate visits include, but are not limited to:

  1. Family members or employees accompanying them to their work locations;
  2. Friends or family members of students on a social visit;
  3. A non-affiliated member of the public utilizing on-campus library services; and
  4. Unscheduled solicitation by non-affiliated vendors or service providers. 

F. Departments responsible for the oversight and coordination of vendors, consultants, and contractors must ensure that there are practices and procedures in place to ensure that their employees are working under conditions consistent with guidelines and requirements from New York State and the College. 


CDC Consideration for Schools:

CDC PPE Information

NYSDOH Interim Guidance for Face Masks

NYS Department of Health


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Christopher Prusak

Christopher Prusak
Chief of the University Police Department

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