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War and Peace Studies Track

To satisfy the War and Peace Studies Track, students must take five courses from the list below:

ANTH 208 Classics of Ethnography
COMN 362 International Mass Communication
FREN 313 Contemporary French Civilization
FREN 314 Contemporary Francophone Civilizations
FREN 325 French Civilization
GEOG 263 Geography of Africa
GEOG 265 Geography of Islam
GERM 313 Contemporary German Civilization
GERM 325 German Civilization
HIST 205 The World Since 1945
HIST 292 The Modern Islamic World: 1800-Present
HIST 448 Imperial & Revolutionary Russia
HIST 452 Nazi Germany
HIST 453 The Holocaust in Historical Perspective
PLSC 224 Government and Politics in Africa
PLSC 227 Civil War and Conflict Resolution
PLSC 241 Politics of Genocide
PLSC 328 Politics of the Middle East
PLSC 340 International Law and Organization
PLSC 341 Democracy and International Relations
PLSC 342 Human Rights in a Global Perspective
PLSC 347 Terrorism and National Security
PLSC 351 Failed States
SPAN 313 Spanish Civilization II: Contemporary Era
SPAN 314 M/Latin American Civilizations III
SPAN 325 Spanish Civilization I: Origins to the 19th Century

Note that many upper division track courses have prerequisites other than the basic requirements. Students should plan their schedules accordingly to ensure that they meet any relevant prerequisites.