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Committee Letter

If you are applying to a professional school in which a committee letter is suggested (i.e. medical, dentistry, podiatry, optometry, veterinary), you must be sure to follow the timeline listed below in order to obtain a committee letter.

Getting into professional school and becoming a good healthcare provider requires many skills in addition to doing well in classes.  Among other things, getting into professional school requires paying attention to details, meeting deadlines, and being respectful of others trying to help you in your journey.  With that said, we'll mention what should be obvious.  Be sure that you start off on the right foot with the committee by:  signing up for an interview when notified to do, submitting your materials on time, dressing appropriately for the interview, and being on time!  Please don't call or write in the summer saying you weren't able to come to the interview, and please don't come to the interview unless you have submitted all required materials.

All materials must be submitted to your PreMed Committee letter-writer by June 1 of your application year; there is no guarantee of having a committee letter if all the materials are not in by the due date.  It is important to note that a committee letter is not required to submit an application to professional schools, but it is a red flag that as a school that does provide a committee letter, that you are applying without one.

Students must have a 3.0 GPA in order to obtain a committee letter; however, if you do not have a 3.0 GPA, you may petition via letter sent to Dr. Pogozelski prior to April 30th of your application year.

This must be done the year you plan to submit your application:
  • Attend the Application Process Preparation Session
  • Gather required materials in preparation for the Mock Interview:
  1. your completed Cover Sheet
  2. your signed waiver statement (NO copies or scanned documents; original signature only in black ink)
  3. a recent photograph of yourself
  4. draft of your resumé
  5. draft of your personal statement 
  6. your unofficial SUNY Geneseo transcript (KnightWeb -- Student, Student Records, Academic Transcript)
  • Interfolio release to the PreMed Committee
  • You will be contacted at your SUNY Geneseo email address the week of Study Day with the exact time and location of your Mock Interview
  • The Mock Interview is held on Study Day

**Please note that the SUNY Geneseo PreMed Committee will write composite letters for alumni; it is recommended that an applicant complete the process listed above prior to graduation.  Composite letters will be written for alumni who graduated from Geneseo within the last five years of the composite letter request.