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Letters of Recommendation

Students planning on professional school and post-graduate experiences need to obtain letters of recommendation from faculty and often from non-faculty (e.g. employers, clinical experiences, etc.).  At SUNY Geneseo, PreHealth students are required to utilize Interfolio, which is a commercial, internet-based operation as a storage place for letters of recommendation.

Students should set up an account via Interfolio; this registration has a fee.  While you can register for a one or multiple year subscription, we highly recommend students getting at least a five-year subscription.  When you register, be sure to affiliate with SUNY Geneseo Pre-Med; this will make it possible for the PreMed Advisory Committee to access the letters.

Once you have registered with Interfolio, you can ask references to write and submit their individual letters of recommendation.  We strongly urge that you do this earlier rather than later.  Unless you are going to continue interacting with the recommender, there is no point in waiting.  Your references will submit letters to Interfolio, but you will need to tell Interfolio the letter is coming.  Interfolio will supply you with a link that allows letters to be submitted electronically, or it can be submitted by mail.  You can add letters whenever you have the opportunity.

We recommend at least four letters of recommendation:

  • two from science faculty
  • one from a non-science faculty that can speak to other academic skills and/or characteristics
  • one from a clinical experience (if applying MD and DO, you should have a letter from both physicians)

Your individual letters of recommendation should be confidential, so be sure to waive your right to see them.

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