PreMed/PreHealth Research Opportunities

While research is not a requirement for professional healthcare careers, unless pursuing an MD/PhD, it can be an advantage on a professional school application.  Experience with research shows professional school admissions an area of academic interest as well as demonstrate curiosity and strong work ethic -- both of which are characteristics admissions is looking for in an applicant.

Geneseo has a strong tradition of providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to participate in and conduct research. The abundant research opportunities and co-curricular activities afforded to undergraduate students are a signature strength at Geneseo. Students across all disciplines are able to engage in scholarly research and often present at regional or national conferences. PreHealth students often work closely with faculty in one-on-one research opportunities that enhance their medical school preparation. Students are also able to participate in a wide variety of activities that reveal characteristics important to professional school admission: motivation, compassion, interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.