What do you need to get into medical school?  Before considering the question, it is important to realize a few points:

  1. It is a competitive process, medical schools do not take all applicants that meet certain requirements; they take the best students that they can get out of a large pool of applicants.  Both the criteria that they use to assess ‘the best applicants’ (what ‘best’ means to them) and the applicant pool change with time.  Hence, it is impossible to give you a list of things to do to guarantee that you will be accepted; there are no guarantees in life. 
  2. Not all medical schools are the same; their evaluation criteria and evaluation processes differ.  This fact makes it important that applicants apply to multiple schools.  It also makes it more difficult to give generic advice about what to do to gain admission.
  3. Medical schools do not tell premedical advisory committees (or anyone) exactly what their criteria and evaluation processes are.  They give us hints, but mostly we just operate from conclusions drawn on what happens to our applicants.  We certainly do not have perfect knowledge.

The following are significant factors in allowing you to be a competitive applicant for medical school:

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