Geneseo's Six Big Ideas


In response to the budget crisis, President Dahl presented six creative initiatives as an extension to the College's strategic plan at an All-College Meeting on May 6, 2009 in the Alice Austin Theatre: 2009-2010 and Beyond: The Choices Before Us (pdf).


President Dahl presented Six Big Ideas: Going Forward at an All-College Meeting on May 12, 2010.


Six Big Ideas

  1. Bring Theory to Practice in order to promote transformational learning, integrate disparate efforts to achieve synergy, and guarantee that all students will have at least one high-impact learning experience during their careers at Geneseo.
  2. Create Innovative Five-Year Professional Programs in order to move to the cutting edge of best practice and reinforce our distinctive identity as a public liberal arts college.
  3. Expand Instructional Delivery through innovative approaches to summer courses, graduate education, and non-traditional time slots.
  4. Re-think the Course Load in order to create new alignments between teaching and learning.
  5. Create a Center for Collaborative Research in order to secure funding for undergraduate research, multidisciplinary research, rural economic development, physical science projects, and more.
  6. Create a Center for Strategic Community Partnerships in order to support internships; action-based community research; projects such as Microenterprise, Livingston/CARES, Geneseo/South Wedge Revitalization; and joint work with organizatons such as RCSD and the Small Business Development Center.