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Statement on Racial Injustice

May 31, 2020

Dear members of the Geneseo community, 

While the College does not typically comment on national or international incidents, events of the past week are so unsettling that silence is not an option. The unrest sweeping the nation was prompted by the deeply disturbing circumstances associated with the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. However, it reflects a broader acknowledgement that this loss is one of far too many among persons of color and especially Black individuals in our society. This latest tragedy occurred in Minnesota, but we have seen time and again that racial injustice knows no bounds.

We members of the Geneseo community have chosen to embrace inclusivity as one of our five core values, and it’s essential that we not merely espouse but live that value. I call on each of you to join me in identifying tangible ways in which we can advance our individual - and our collective - commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. Examine and check our own privilege. Recognize and call out injustice where it exists. Commit to doing our part to enhance our campus climate and culture. As an educational institution, we have an opportunity to actively effect positive change in our world, and through our resolute efforts, I have every confidence we can contribute to positive and much-needed societal change.

As always, members of our campus community are available to you should you desire support. You may contact Chief Diversity Officer robbie routenberg at or Director of Multicultural Programs and Services Sasha Eloi-Evans at

Even as we continue to be apart in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still one community. May we be stronger through our individual and collective action.  

Denise A. Battles, President