Appealing Tickets

Parking tickets can be appealed within five (5) business days from issuance - this excludes weekends and holidays.  After the five (5) day period expires, all violation charges and/or expenses incurred become automatically due and payable.  For more information on appeals, see Section 6 of the SUNY Geneseo Traffic and Parking Regulations.

where to appeal

  • Parking & Transportation Services/University Police Department in Schrader Hall, Room 19
  • By mail by submitting an Appeal Form to: Parking & Transportation, 1 College Circle, Schrader Hall Room 19, Geneseo, NY 14454
  • Online by submitting the Online Appeal Form survey
  • Please note: Despite what appeal form you choose, ALL fields must be completed for the appeal to be processed.

appeal types

  • Option A:
    • Schedule to meet in person with the adjudicator 
    • You will be notified BY EMAIL of the time, date and location of the meeting 
    • Decisions will not be shared at the time of meeting - they will be mailed to the mailing address provided on the appeal form
  • Option B:
    • Submit your appeal in the written form
    • The appeal and any evidence will be reviewed without you present 
    • Decisions will be mailed to the mailing address provided on the appeal form

insufficient appeal reasons

  • Being late or in a hurry
  • Dropping something or someone off or picking them up
  • Preferred parking lot full or too far away
  • Inclement weather
  • Others parked the same way and did not receive tickets
  • Flashing hazard lights or four-way lights
  • The amount of time the vehicle was parked
  • The owner of the vehicle was not driving at the time
  • Can't afford the ticket
  • I didn't know/I thought something else/Nobody told me
  • Parked there before and didn't receive a ticket

appeal decisions

  • All appeal decisions are final
  • Will be indicated at the bottom of the appeal form and returned to you by mail
  • If the information on the appeal form is not legible, a decision will not be made
  • If the name and mailing address are not legible, it will not be possible for us to mail the decision to you
  • If your appeal is denied, the fine must be paid within 10 business days (refer to the Paying Tickets section)