Cohort Community Living-Learning Communities

Cohort communities are housing options to connect with peers who share one or more identities.  The programs offered are optional and aim to support the unique needs of each cohort, asking students to work together to create an inclusive environment rather that asking for a significant time commitment. In some communities, a course or mentorship program exists. 

Kuumba House | Lavender House | Sensory Retreat | Transfer Student Experience | International Student Housing | Substance Free Housing | First-Year Experience | Upper-Level Experience


Quick Facts

  • Cohort Communities are housing options for students based on shared identities
  • **There are a diversity of identities in each cohort community (e.g., "I am a transfer student AND black AND trans"); you can indicate your interest in your intersectional identities in your housing application and are able to explore all your identities in any of the communities in which you live
  • Students in cohort communities take an active role in creating a welcoming and supportive environment for each other.
  • Optional courses allow students to further explore their identities to become a leader in their cohort and on campus 
First-Year Experience
  • First-time, first-year students looking to live with other first-time, first-year students!
  • Located all over campus with the aim of helping students connect and take ownership of their experience
International Student Housing
  • For international students (degree-seeking and exchange) of all years interested in living with other international students who are new to the United States and western NY
  • Also open to domestic students passionate about welcoming international students
  • Supported by a specialty RA position, the Resident Assistant for International Student Engagement (RAISE)
  • Support and connections with the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS)
Kuumba House
  • Cohort Community linked to Umoja House (inquiry and discovery LLC); named for the 6th principle of Kwanzaa meaning "Creativity"
  • Part of our "linked living-learning community" building, which allows cross-programming and access to unique facilities in the Gaming, STEM, and Arts & Wellness LLCs
  • For incoming students, this is a community of students of diverse backgrounds who come together to celebrate their identities while nurturing their leadership skills, providing a space for students to minimize code switching and the emotional labor for each other
  • Supported by special peer mentorship positions of returning students who help create a welcoming and inclusive environment for new students
Lavender House
  • Named by students in Fall 2022, Lavender House is a community of LGBTQIAA students and their allies.
  • Optional Course: XLRN 150 - Foundations in Social Identity OR XLRN 250 - Intergroup Dialogue (fall and/or spring semesters)
  • Can apply through the housing application OR through this google form (you must sign in with a Geneseo email address)
  • Supported by peer leaders, returning students who applied for leadership positions within this LLC
Sensory Retreat
  • New Pilot in Fall 2023!
  • Recognizing that every person has different sensory needs, this community offers different spaces to support those individualized needs
  • Residents would be able to request certain items in their rooms (e.g., rugs, hanging chairs, blackout curtains) and residents could request to bring their own furniture (work for approval with fire marshal)
  • Residents would have priority access to two quiet, sensory rooms in the basement and input on what physical changes should be made the common areas for their success
Substance Free Housing
  • Students living in this community agree to refrain from alcohol and drug use in the living space.
  • Residents have access to individualized resources based on their needs and interest in choosing this space
Transfer Student Experience
  • For new and returning students who transferred to Geneseo interested in living with other transfer students
  • New transfer students will be enrolled in EXPL 201 - Exploring Geneseo Seminar (transfer students)
  • Returning transfer students to the LLC apply for peer leadership positions who focus on connecting with and supporting new transfer students
Upper-Level Experience 
  • For returning students who do not have a full roommate group and are interested in meeting and living with other returning students 
  • Located in different halls across campus

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