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Entre House Living-Learning Community

Entre House is a Living-Learning Community for students of all majors and all years (first-year students have priority) who are interested in entrepreneurship.  It is located in Central Village, close to the College Union, Mary Jemison Dining Hall, and most academic buildings.  All spaces in the wing are reserved for Entre House students.

 Residence Hall


Entrepreneurship Students

Who Can Be an Entrepreneur?

The short answer is "you"!

Many people hear the word “entrepreneur” and think of someone who has identified a need in the marketplace and launched a successful for-profit business. Within Entre House, we define the term more broadly than just business entrepreneurs. 

Other entrepreneurs also identify needs within their communities or society and start nonprofit ventures to address issues such as illiteracy, hunger, homelessness, social injustice, lack of health care, or violence. They are social entrepreneurs.

Still others never start businesses or nonprofits, instead spending their careers within established businesses, school districts, or branches of government. They succeed because they take unique, solutions-oriented approaches to challenges and cultivate both creativity and analytical skills. They have developed an entrepreneurial mindset.

Entre House was established to develop all three: business entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurial mindset.

Quick Facts

  • All years may apply. Approximately 34 students with many different majors live in Entre House. First-year students have priority.
  • All majors may apply. Geneseo’s entrepreneurship programs are open to all majors, and Entre House flourishes with a mix of students from different fields.
  • Living-Learning Community Fellows. Two School of Business faculty members coordinate the academic aspects of Entre House and actively participate in the community. Both bring decades of business experience to the classroom. Faculty Fellows from other departments may be added, depending on the interests of house residents.
  • Required course: Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • A Little Knight Time Reading. Entre House students participate in the Common Read Program
  • Tutoring. School of Business tutors hold sessions in Entre House.
  • Student mentors. Students who have already participated in Geneseo’s entrepreneurship programs offer support to new Entre House residents.
  • Facilities. Entre House includes flex space for meetings, classes, and relaxation, plus student workrooms and meeting rooms as well as an office for student-faculty conferences.

What is a Living-Learning Community?

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who choose to live together in a residence hall to explore a common interest. LLCs combine a shared academic component (e.g., course, faculty-led workshops, service trip) and co-curricular experiences aligning with the community's interests and goals.

Inquiry and Discovery LLCs aim to help students transition to and succeed at Geneseo by making connections across campus and participating in the campus and Genesee Valley community. Students gain skills and knowledge in Leadership, Mentorship, and Action through community engagement. 

Goals of Entre House

  1. Provide a compelling, non-traditional classroom learning experience
  2. Increase students' academic-related peer interactions outside the classroom
  3. Deepen students' social integration into SUNY Geneseo
  4. Connect students to interesting and enjoyable co-curricular opportunities

How to Apply

All housing placements are based upon application review. Applicants must: 1) answer all application questions, and 2) submit their application before the housing deadlines. For more information, visit housing for new students.

Opportunities for Entre House Students

Early Arrival Experience: Area Entrepreneurs

Arrive early in the fall and join other incoming Entre House students for a pre-semester trip to Rochester to meet local business and social entrepreneurs; see first-hand the excitement, challenges, and work involved in start-up organizations; and learn from successful entrepreneurs. The Rochester excursion is followed by group discussions and team-building activities on campus.

Field Trips and Guest Speakers

  • Talks by successful alumni and others
  • Visits from entrepreneurs, selected with input from you
  • Group discussions with faculty from across campus
  • Updates from students in Geneseo’s advanced entrepreneurship classes
  • Social events and group dinners
  • Discussions with School of Business Dean Mary Ellen Zuckerman and others
  • Special assistance with internships
  • Visits to business and not-for-profit sites in Western and Central New York

Peer Education

  • Space in Entre House to work on your business or nonprofit ventures
  • Tutors designated for Entre House with office hours in the residence hall
  • TAs and faculty for various courses with office hours in the residence hall
  • Outreach programs helping educate area high school students about business
  • College Bound—students from local middle and high schools come to campus

Academic Requirements

Majors - Entre House accepts students from all majors—the more diverse, the better. The students’ common bond is their interest in any form of entrepreneurship.

Required Courses - In addition to the courses needed for their majors, Entre House students have one required course each semester. These classes are conducted in the residence hall.

INTD 105 and 106;  Writing Seminar: Business in the Age of Globalization (4 credits) * Taught in two sections during fall semester. Satisfies first-year writing requirement.

This course outlines the basic organizational and functional components of running a business. As advances in infrastructure, transportation, market intelligence, and telecommunication technologies expand exponentially, barriers to international trade and investments continue to decline. Students will explore changing worldwide business practices and the transformation from national economies to an interdependent, integrated global economic system. Readings include business texts and current business articles.

INTD 288   Entrepreneurial Leadership (3 credits); Taught during spring semester.

As technology and globalization advance, business leaders must navigate transformative environments where change is constant and unpredictable. Innovation, exploration, and problem-solving skills are increasingly more important. This course examines the mindsets and skills of successful entrepreneurs in both commercial and non-commercial enterprises. Students will acquire an understanding of the entrepreneurial process, including opportunity recognition, effective team formation, and execution with limited resources. A team assignment will ask students to identify a new business concept, assess its viability, and develop a realistic “go to market” business strategy.

The Common Book, Summer Reading Program

Entre House residents will join members of Tesla House, Dante House, and AOP in participating in a common read during the summer. Discussion groups led by Geneseo students, faculty, and staff will meet during move-in weekend.

Questions or Concerns?

Meg Reitz, PhD, Associate Director of Residence Life for Educational Initiatives
Phone: 585-245-6363

  • Oversees all Living-Learning Communities at Geneseo
  • Coordinates with Assistant Director for Housing Operations for housing support in LLCs
  • M.A., M.Phil., and Ph.D., Earth and Environmental Sciences, Columbia University

Steve Brookstein, Entre House LLC Fellow
Phone: 914-417-7473

  • VanArsdale Chair of Entrepreneurship
  • Director of Geneseo's Entrepreneurship Programs
  • M.B.A, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
  • 35+ years experience in the advertising and telecommunications industries
  • Senior management positions with companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam, Home Box Office, and Comcast and Silicon Valley startups

Jim Quinn, Entre House LLC Fellow
Phone: 585-490-4619

  • Lecturer in Business Law, Employment Law, and Internet Law
  • J.D., Cornell University Law School
  • Criminal trial experience as a state court prosecutor
  • Civil trial experience representing corporations at a major law firm
  • 25  years a corporate lawyer/executive at Kodak and Carestream