First-Year Experience LLC

First-Year Experience Living-Learning Communities (LLCs) are located all around campus and are focused on helping students transition academically and socially to Geneseo. Each LLC has a unique way of engaging first-year students and helping them connect to the college.

First Year student participating in the annual First Year Olympics

Can-jam at First Year Olympics

Quick Facts

  • Monthly events run through the Office of New Student Programs to help first-year students to get to know each other and participate in campus traditions like First-Year Olympics, Knights First Day of Service, the MidKnight Breakfast, and more
  • Specialized spaces and events dedicated to support first-year students' academic success like the Niagara FALLS, Onyx Certificate GOLD workshops, Painting and Dance studios, and more
  • Dedicated spaces and staff to support first-year student wellness like the Suffolk Gym and the South Village Counseling Center

What is a Living-Learning Community?

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a group of students who choose to live together in a Residence Hall to explore a common interest. Each LLC has a shared academic component (e.g., a course, faculty-led workshops, a service trip) and is strengthened by co-curricular experiences that align with the community's interests and goals.

The Learning Outcomes of our Living-Learning Communities are from the GLOBE document, which outlines outcomes for all SUNY Geneseo students upon graduation:

  1. Integrative Inquiry: To ask meaningful questions connecting personal experiences to academic study and co-curricular life; to synthesize multiple bodies of knowledge to address real-world problems and issues.
  2. Application and Transfer: To adapt and apply skills, theories, and methods gained in one or more domains to new situations.
  3. Reflection: To reflect upon changes in learning and outlook over time; to make personal, professional, and civic plans based on that self-reflection.

Additional Information

Onondaga Hall, Niagara Hall, Suffolk HallLivingston HallNassau Hall, and Steuben Hall all have communities of first-year students housed together.

  • First-year experience halls strive to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for first year students. As such, new students share a living experience that provides resources for a successful transition into the social and academic aspects of the Geneseo community. First-Year Experience LLCs are places for first-year students to interact with their peers, discover new-found passions and goals, and feel supported through their unique transition to the Geneseo community.
  • Onondaga and Suffolk Halls have a focus on first-year student wellness. There is a specialty RA position known as the RA for Wellness (RAW) housed in Onondaga Hall, who is specially trained in health and wellness and brings wellness education to all of South Side. In collaboration with the Department of Student Health and Counseling, Onondaga also houses the South Village Counseling Center, located in Onondaga South 203, and a Wellness Room in Onondaga North 203 that contains a self-care center. Suffolk Hall has a gym located on the first floor in a converted lounge space that is free and available to all residents.
  • Niagara Falls: The first floor study room in Niagara Hall is known as Niagara FALLS (the Featured Academic Living-Learning Support hub). This space is specifically designed to cultivate learning and foster academic growth. The hall partners with resources across campus, including Milne Library, New Student Programs, and the Office of the Dean of Academic Planning and Advising to create opportunities for students to capitalize on their learning experience in the comfort of this community.

Learning Outcomes

Students living in a First Year Experience LLC will:

  1. Learn about and use campus resources in order to solve problems independently
  2. Understand the foundations of relationship building through connections with other first-year students
  3. Display resilience when faced with adversity during the transition from high school to college

First-Year Experience Values

Resilience | Connection | Inclusivity

How to Apply

All housing placements are based upon application review. Applicants must have submitted complete answers to all questions in the application to be considered for placement. Only those who submit an application by the housing deadlines listed on the housing selection website may be considered for placement. You can find more information on the housing process at housing for incoming students.

For any questions or concerns, contact the Department of Residence Life ( or 585-245-5726) or the Associate Director for Educational Initiatives, Dr. Meg Reitz, ( or 585-245-6363)

Are you a faculty or staff member interested in getting involved?

Fill out the general interest form or contact Dr. Meg Reitz directly at x6363 or