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Quarantine Life On Campus

Be Responsible – It’s Easy to Do Your Part 

Each of us can take small steps to protect ourselves and the campus community.  Because COVID-19 is highly contagious, these simple measures apply both on and off-campus:

  • Wear face coverings (masks) outside of your private room or shower, even when you are able to maintain six feet of social distancing. 
    • Exceptions to this requirement include when students are eating meals on-campus while seated and socially distanced, or by themselves in a lightly trafficked location where no other persons are present. SUNY Geneseo Policy - COVID-19 Face Mask and Preventative Measures 
      FYI: Faculty and staff are likewise exempt when alone in their office or other private spaces.
  • Regularly wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and use hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available.
  • Stay in your room when you are sick or have potentially been exposed to COVID-19.  Call the Student Health Center at 585-245-5736 for support. 
  • Practice physical distancing at all times to reduce transmission.

Residents identified for quarantine and isolation will have access to certain assistance, such as the delivery of food and medicine. They may also receive psychosocial, academic, and/or other supports, as needed.

What Happens Next?

After an on-campus student has been advised that they will need to isolate themselves because they have tested positive for COVID-19 or quarantine because they are a direct contact of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, they will be given the opportunity to go home if they can do so safely (no mass transit) or enter Jones Hall.  Occupants of Jones Hall are divided by those who need to isolate and those who need to quarantine.  Jones Hall can house up to 100 residents, single occupancy.

  1. Students who choose to isolate or quarantine in Jones Hall, instead of going to a parent's home, will be contacted by a staff member from Residence Life who will talk them through the quarantine housing process, protocols, and policies, assign them a room, and provide instructions on how to access the building and their new space.  
    • Students will receive packing list reminders and will have an opportunity to ask questions.
    • Students will be reminded to bring a blanket, chargers, comfort items, books, medicines, preferred hygiene products, and snacks.
  2. Students will also receive an email with instructions and important information.  They will also be added to the Group Me “SUNY Geneseo QI20” to begin communication with the Residence Life staff and the Jones Hall Quarantine Coordinator RA.  
  3. Student ID Card access to academic and administrative buildings will be turned off and residence hall access will be adjusted to grant the student access to Jones Hall. 
  4. Students may access a moving cart if needed at the residence hall lobby and then walk or drive to Jones Hall.
  5. After entering Jones Hall, using their ID Card, students will find their room.  The door will be unlocked and the key on the desk in their assigned room. 
  6. The room will have hygiene products, wellness items, bedding, and a pillow (no blanket), and a few entertainment items.  A micro-fridge is provided as well. 
  7. Laundry service is provided one day a week.  Instructions are provided in the email.
  8. Mail delivery twice per week will be arranged at the resident's request.
  9. Students will find a snack bag with meal ordering instructions in their new room from CAS.  More details can be found in the email. 

Things To Do While in Quarantine

Playing Cards -
Uno - -
Taboo -
Psych! -
Jigsaw Puzzles -
Rummikub -

The Body Coach TV -
Fitness Blender -
Pop Sugar Fitness -
Yoga -