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Residential Fellows

What is the Residential Fellows Program?

The Residential Fellows Program at SUNY Geneseo is a high impact practice where students have one-on-one interactions with faculty, staff, and community members in the residence halls.  This program aims to help students integrate and apply their learning to out-of-the-classroom experiences that support the mission of the college.  These out-of-the-classroom learning experiences are intentional and scaffolded such that students engage in discussions about their community, explore and reflect on different perspectives, and then choose and execute a project that supports the goals of their residential community.

Learning Goals for the Fellows Program

  1. Student Life staff and Residential Fellows will help students understand the purpose of their living-learning community.
  2. Student Life staff and Residential Fellows will help students connect their liberal and general education to the world beyond college.
  3. Student Life staff and Residential Fellows will guide and mentor students as they become the designers of their own, self-propelled education.

What is a Residential Fellow?

Fellows are faculty, professional staff, administrative staff, and members of the Geneseo community who are affiliated with a community of students in the residence halls.  Student Life` staff and Fellows work proactively together with students to create a community where all members integrate intellectual pursuits from the classroom with their lives.  Fellows teach the students about what it means to be a "life-long learner", one of the major goals of a liberal institution, while developing a greater understanding of the rich co-curricular life at Geneseo.

Who are the Fellows?

"Those who love learning and love students...and create the kind of vibrant, intelligent, and socially rich campus communities that everyone deserves."  --Dr. Robert O'Hara, from  The Collegiate Landscape of the Future

Where do the Fellows Work?

There are 12 Living-Learning Communities on campus that each have a specific educational focus.

What do Fellows do?

Fellows engage in a variety of ways to meet the needs of the students.  

Each year, there is a focus or theme that's chosen for each LLC and the Fellows hold House dinners, teas, lunches, etc. to regularly check in and meet with students.  Some LLCs have courses in common, so Fellows teach those courses with students in the LLC.  Working with Student Life, Fellows plan field trips, experiential opportunities, or service activities that connect students' learning to the issues and challenges of our broader community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can I get involved?

Answer: You can reach out directly to Dr. Meg Reitz, who oversees our Living-Learning Community (x6363 or  You can also fill out the general interest form.

Question: How much time is required of a Fellows?

Answer: It depends on how involved you would like to be.  We ask that Fellows attend or run at least 1 event per semester in order to develop relationships with the residents and staff.  You many choose to spend one day a week visiting with the students, attend monthly dinners, facilitate discussions, projects, or trips, or join students less frequently for events such as study sessions during midterms and finals.

Question: What are some of the projects previous Fellows have worked on in the Residence Halls?


  • Physics faculty in Tesla House run a "Tower of Terror" contest, check out the results here.
  • Students have traveled to the farms and orchards owned and run by a Residential Fellow.
  • Field trips to Letchworth State Park (and even collecting data for research projects)
  • The Nassau Arts Community went to Red Hook for a 2-day intensive workshop to meet alum and explore art galleries with Residential Fellows.
  • Dante House Fellows hold monthly House Dinners around the theme of the year and then work with the Hall Council to organize a service trip in the area related to their conversations.