Housing Information for Incoming Students


Attention Incoming Students:  If you have not yet received a letter from the Admissions Office which contains your Geneseo e-mail username and password, kindly wait to complete your Roommate Preference Form until you receive this correspondence.



Welcome to Residence Life at Geneseo!  This web page contains information which should help you to prepare for your transition to residence hall living.  We will be available during Orientation sessions this summer; feel free to bring questions for us.  In the meantime, you can also telephone us at (585) 245-5726. 


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Frequently Asked Housing Questions -- Summer 2013 edition

Applying for Residence Hall Housing

The Housing Placement Process

Important Dates and Deadlines

Residence Hall Picture Slideshows





Frequently Asked Housing Questions -- Summer 2013 edition:

Feel free to view the answers to the below Frequently Asked Housing Questions on this PDF document.  From past years, we know that incoming students and their parents and guardians asked these particular questions often.


1.  Who is tripled?

2.  How many triple rooms are we expecting?

3.  How is it determined who will be placed in triple rooms?

4.  I am an incoming transfer student.  Where will I likely be living next year?

5.  I just met another student at Orientation, and we want to be roommates next year.  Is this still possible?

6.  What might my room/suite look like next year?

7.  Will I be able to use wireless internet in my room?

8.  Can I live in a townhouse next year?

9.  When will I be notified about my housing placement for next year?

10.  What if I want to live by myself?  Can I apply for a single room?

11.  I just learned about the Residential College House system.  Is it too late to apply to any of these Houses?

12.  I just learned about the new first-year student Living Learning Communities in Monroe Hall.  How can I find more information about them?

13.  What should I bring with me?




Applying for Residence Hall Housing:

If you paid your housing deposit, you should have received a letter from the Admissions Office at your permanent mailing address.  This letter will instruct you about how to apply for residence hall housing for next year, as well as submitting immunization records and scheduling your Orientation visit.

After you pay your housing deposit, you will be able to view and complete a Roommate Preference Form (this is what we call our housing application for incoming students) through our Symplicity Residence housing software.  We will begin making Roommate Preference Forms available to students who paid housing deposits on Friday, March 8.  In order to access the Symplicity Residence software, visit http://go.geneseo.edu/symplicity.  You will be prompted to enter your Geneseo username and password.





The Housing Placement Process:

Many students wonder about how our housing placement works.  You might be asking, "Will I be placed in my preferred residence hall?", "Will I be placed with my friend, if we both asked to live with each other?", "Will I be tripled?" 


Placement Order: 
We place incoming students according to the order in which they paid their housing deposits.  This means that, if you paid your housing deposit before most other incoming students, you will be placed in your residence hall before most other incoming students.  If you paid your housing deposit later, you will be placed after most other incoming students.
Residence Hall Preferences: 
We will try to use your responses from your Roommate Preference Form to place you in your desired housing environment.  Sometimes, though, we will be unable to honor your 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd preferences.  Only 340 students can live in Onondaga Hall next year, for example.  If 500 incoming students express a desire to live in Onondaga Hall, some of these students will need to be placed in a different residence hall.  Again, we will place you in your residence hall in the order in which you paid your housing deposit.
Roommate Requests: 
As long as both you and your roommate indicate through your Roommate Preference Forms that you want to live together by Monday, June 3, we can guarantee that you will be roommates next year.  After June 3, we can no longer accept roommate requests.
Expanded Occupancy Housing (or Triples): 
It is likely that, with so many new students wanting to come to Geneseo, we will need to place some new students with 2 roommates in an expanded occupancy room.  If you paid your housing deposit later than most incoming students, the likelihood that you will be tripled is greater.  (Note: Transfer students will not be tripled.)
In expanded occupancy rooms, 2 of the 3 beds will already be bunked.  We will supply enough furniture so that all 3 students will be able to use their own desk, nightstand, and dresser.  Many groups decide to arrange for the additional desk to be removed in an effort to conserve space.  After you arrive, your R.A. can submit a work order for the removal of your 3rd desk.  Since only 2 closets are built into each room, it will be important for you to be respectful of your roommates and work together to ensure that each person can use some closet space.




Important Dates and Deadlines:

Form or Application
Roommate Preference Form (online)
June 3, 2013
Roommate Requests (through Symplicity housing software)
June 3, 2013
Writers House and EcoHouse applications
June 3, 2013
Housing Placement Notifications Received
July 19, 2013
New Student Residence Hall Move-In August 23, 2013; 8:00am - 4:00pm





Residence Hall Picture Slideshows:

If you access our Residence Hall Picture Slideshows web page, you will be able to learn about how many spaces are available for incoming students in each residence hall, as well as view picture slideshows of most of our residence halls.  The pictures might help you to envision what your living space might look like next year.