New Student Meetups: Spring 2016

January 16 & 17, 2016

What are Meetups?

Meetups are informal fun events that are scheduled around campus during January Weekend od Welcome (WOW) with the intention of connecting students who have shared interests.  They range from board games to campus tours to raquetball or Capture the Flag.  Is there any better way to meet other students and have fun before classes begin?  (We say, "No -- there is no better way.")  The goal of meetups is to bring people together who share a particular interest--or to expose you to activities you've never tried before.

Choose any meetup that appeals to you.  By visiting other residence halls, you'll meet even more new people at the start of the semester.

Join us for some old-fashioned fun by attending a meetup -- or even multiple meetups!  Meetups are free events, and all students, especially new students, are welcome to attend.  For a complete schedule of meetups, refer to the calendar on the right side of this web page.

Do you have an idea for a meetup?  Any student is welcome to host a meetup.  Click here to propose one:

What are the benefits of Meetups?

Friendship   Knowledge   Empathy   Networking   Perspective

Meetups may contribute to increased social well-being, which may lead to feelings of comfort and ease during work or leisure situations, and confidence in communicating feelings and needs to others. Close relationships influence physical health. Having a best friend at school or work, increases productivity – researchers found that even small increases in social cohesiveness lead to large gains in production. It’s not always what you are doing, but who you are with.