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*This page will be updated as we receive information from the administration on various frequently asked questions about SUNY Geneseo and COVID-19*

SUNY Geneseo's COVID-19 Updates

Please send all questions and/or concerns to

Residence Life

How do I get my stuff after spring break? When can I get it?

3/19- You are welcome to return to campus 9:00 am-8:00 pm on Thursday, 3/19 and Friday, 3/20; 9:00 am-4:00 pm Saturday, March 21; and 8:00 am-12:00 pm on Sunday, March 22, to check out of residence halls. Each resident must complete this Google form indicating a time period to move our or authorizing SUNY Geneseo to store your belongings. The college is currently anticipating to make the period from May 11-15 available for pick-up of stored belongings. The Student Association is actively working to extend the period of picking up items from the residence halls.

I don't have a ride back to Geneseo to get my belongings. What do I do?

3/19- Administration and Residence Life are still discussing if and how to package/store students' items in the residence halls. Updates will be sent out in emails as they come to decisions.

Will we get a refund for room and board and meal plans?

3/25- Per Vice President Buehler's email: "All students will receive prorated refunds or credits for certain other fees for services that have been discounted due to the COVID-19 emergency. The calculation of the amount of the refund or credit is being determined for each of these fees. The fees eligible for a credit/refund include:

  • Transportation fee
  • Athletics fee
  • Recreation and Campus Life fee
  • Student Activity fee
  • The category of "Other Broad Based Fees" as appropriate and approved annually by SUNY System Administration"

The Student Association has been in contact with VP Buehler about the refund process and is looking into if the refund extends to other services, such as parking, as well. 

3/12- "Our campus senior leaders have made a priority request into our central offices on how our campus should respond to refund requests and are waiting to hear back. We will update you as soon as we are able to do so. We expect it is likely to take at least a week to receive needed process guidance and to develop our campus implementation plan. We appreciate your patience as we seek to accommodate the many new needs coming out of the Governor's announcement yesterday." - Dr. David Braverman, Interim Vice President for Student and Campus Life.

When are we supposed to move out?

3/12- You can move out any time, just make sure to email your Area Coordinator/Residence Director the date that you plan on moving out. Students should let their AC/RD know what their timeline is by March 16. Students are permitted to keep their belongings in their residence halls and coordinate another time to pick everything up at any point in the semester. To do this, students have to let their AC/RD know their intention by March 16. Additionally, students are officially permitted to leave and return to campus. You may even stay home for an extended period of time (beyond the end of Spring Break) as long as you let your AC know what your plan is by March 16.

Is there a chance that we will not be able to come back to campus after spring break?

3/11- According to SUNY Student Assembly President Austin Ostro, you will be able to return to your residence halls. There is no indication currently that you will not be allowed back as long as you notify your Residence Director/Area Coordinator that you plan on being here. SUNY is currently looking into reimbursement for room and board for those who choose not to return.

How limited is our food service going to be?

3/19- Campus Auxiliary Services will remain open and in operation, though they may have limited or reduced services. Food services will primarily consist of pickup/takeout items with limited to no sit-down dining available.


  • MJ will be open Saturday and Sunday (14th, 15th,) from 9 am-1 pm and 5-7 pm; Monday-Friday (16th-20th) from 11 am-1 pm and 5-7 pm; Saturday (21st) from 9 am-1 pm and 5-7 pm with a limited menu.
  • Starbucks will remain open Monday-Friday from 8 am-2 pm as planned.
  • The Big Tree Inn will accept student meal plans every day of the week from March 14-March 22, rather than only Monday through Wednesday.

"We will continue to monitor campus plans and the number of students remaining on campus over break and make further adjustments if necessary." - Mat Felthousen, CAS Interim Executive Director

3/11- During Spring Break: MJ will be open from 11 am-1 pm and 5-7 pm every day. Starbucks will be open from 8 am-2 pm.


How likely is it that we can return to normal classes in April?

3/19- Geneseo will not be returning to normal classes. All classes for the rest of the semester will take place remotely.

3/11- Normal campus facilities and residence halls will resume after spring break, but as of right now, it is highly unlikely classes will resume as normal. That being said, there is a possibility of student activities resuming in April, but that will be addressed case by case and as things develop.

What happens if students have advisement holds that won't be lifted until we meet with advisors? Will this put us behind in registering for classes?

3/19- From Provost Stacey Robertson: "Advisement and registration will continue as scheduled. The course schedule for summer and fall 2020 is currently available. Advisement appointments and removal of advisement holds will be conducted remotely. Most advisors are reaching out to students to set up meeting times, but if you have not heard from your advisor about scheduling a remote appointment, contact them directly. Students are encouraged to monitor their academic progress through DegreeWorks in making decisions about future classes. Students who need to change their majors before the March 23 deadline should contact the Office of the Dean for Planning and Advisement at 585-245-5541."

What is the current status of graduation?

3/25- Per President Battles' email: " cancel Commencement 2020, both the master's ceremony scheduled for May 8 and the undergraduate ceremony on May 16, at SUNY Geneseo. We will work together with the Class of 2020 on finding creative and alternative ways to honor our graduates' remarkable achievements at a later date.

The Student Association is meeting bi-weekly with the Provost and her leadership team to discuss Commencement, remote learning, and advisement. 

3/19- From Chancellor Kristina Johnson: "If necessary, we will reschedule your commencement to make sure you walk across the stage and we proudly celebrate your accomplishments."

3/12- Senior Class Representatives were unable to meet with Andrea Klein today due to other meetings coming up. At the moment, there is no update for Senior Activities and Commencement, but Andrea will keep us updated.

3/11- Senior Class Representatives are meeting with Andrea Klein on 3/12 to discuss what is being done with senior events and commencement.

Are labs/hands-on classes still going to be in-person?

3/19- No. All classes have been moved to remote-learning due to the ever-changing status of the situation. Students will not be able to access instructional spaces on campus, including labs and performance areas.

3/11- This may be dependent on the professor. With the SUNY guidelines right now, labs will remain in-person as long as the professor holds them.

What should I do about my textbook rentals?

3/12- Students can go to their Barnes and Noble accounts through the Geneseo bookstore and print out a shipping label to send them back.

Geneseo Bookstore

Will this impact the process of construction on Milne and Sturges?

3/19- The only update we've received here is that the physical library at Sturges is closed. There has been no mention of what the current crisis means for the renovation of Sturges and Milne.


Is SA-funded transportation back from Spring Break still going to run?

3/19- The Emergency Prepared team of the college has notified the Student Association that no buses shall be allowed to return to campus

  • SA Vacation Shuttle Service: two runs were scheduled to transport students on Sunday, March 22, 2020. These are now CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled.
  • College Express Bus: all scheduled runs are now CANCELLED and will not be rescheduled. For further information, please contact College Express directly at 631-588-7433.

3/12- As of right now, all scheduled SA-funded transportation both to and from Spring Break is running as planned.

Will the gym be open?

3/19- The gym will NOT be open during the remote learning period.

3/12- The gym will be open after spring break as confirmed by student employees.

Where will incoming mail/packages go?

3/19- From the mailroom website: "Mail sent by the USPS can be forwarded. To forward USPS mail, please fill out the mail forwarding form. Unfortunately, mail from other carriers is not able to be forwarded. All other questions regarding Campus Mail Services can be directed to"

Will clubs be functioning?

3/19- According to Chip Matthews, Senior Director of Student Life, there should be no in-person student group meetings. This also follows guidelines set by the federal government (recommending no meetings of more than ten people). An organization can still meet virtually, should they have the technology to do so.

Complaint and/or Suggestions

Please fill out the form below if you have any complaints or suggestions that the Student Association should be made aware of moving forward.