Limelight Show Information

Recycled Percussion, September 22nd 2018

Recycled Percussionist

Now known as JUNK ROCK, Recycled Percussion is an interactive twist never experienced before. During every show, the band mixes their gritty assault on buckets, power tools or anything else they can get their sticks on with a sense of humor and gravity defying athleticism.

Step Afrika!  November 10th 2018

Step Afrika Performers

Step Afrika! is the first professional company in the world dedicated to the tradition of stepping. Their company is critically-acclaimed for its efforts to promote the dance tradition's use as an educational tool for young people worldwide.

James Sewell Ballet,  February 23rd 2019

James Sewell Ballet Company

The James Sewell Ballet was founded in 1992 as a close-knit company of dance artists willing to challenge their physical limits and expand their notions about ballet. Critically acclaimed performances have moved and delighted audiences at more than 300 domestic and international venues.

Presidio Brass,  April 6th 2019

Presidio Brass Band

Hailing from "America's Finest City", San Diego, Presidio Brass is a dynamic force in American brass chamber music. Whether playing popular classical works or jazz standards, adding beautiful piano stylings or drum grooves, this quintet provides an exhilarating ride of music.