SA Graphics Policies

Please observe the following when requesting a job:

1. For most pieces, you will need at least four (4) weeks for design/production. You will need to allow more time if you are producing something in mass quantity or large format.

2. FOUR WEEKS before you want the completed piece in your hands, please stop in or make an appointment to discuss the work. Please bring type-ready information (proofread w/specific attention to dates, times and locations) along with all information for your project. Also bring ideas, photos, or artwork that might be helpful to the creation of the piece. Any job with less than four weeks notice will be charged a rush fee ($25 for students, $40 for faculty/staff).

3. Have an affordable budget in mind. This means speaking with your group/department supervisor or treasurer. The SA Graphics Coordinator can work with you to decrease costs if your job exceeds your budget.

4. SA Graphics maintains competitive pricing for printing so that you are ensured the best price for your job. Please contact the coordinator if you have a specific printer in mind.

5. The SA Graphics Coordinator will inform you of when proofing needs to be done. Once you have approved a piece, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EXISTING ERRORS.

6. You will be contacted by e-mail or phone when your job is ready. All productions require a materials fee of $5.00/$10.00 (students/faculty & staff). You will be billed for the printing and Graphics service on one bill (TIME+PRINTING+MATERIALS). The SA Graphics bill must be paid within sixty (60) days of the billing date or a 1.5% charge will be added.

7. Cancelling a job: If you decide to cancel a job after it has been started, your organization/department will be responsible for paying for graphics time and materials used up until the point of cancellation.

8. Rates: All jobs are billed at an hourly rate. For students, this is $15/hr. For faculty/staff this is $25/hr. For off-campus, this is $50/hr. 

9. SA Graphics works closely with the Office of Communications and Marketing to ensure that SUNY Geneseo graphic and visual standards are adhered to. All new professional and creative advertising materials for offices, department and administrative areas will be reviewed by the Office of Communications and Marketing before completion.