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New Projects

Each project is given an estimate within 2 business days of meeting for the amount of work discussed. Estimates are valid for 2 weeks. Each project has two sets of revisions with the Geneseo Office of Communications & Marketing review and approval (if applicable) built in, any more sets of revisions are billed at the rate of $40 per hour. Once the estimate is approved and all content has been received project timeline will begin.


For most projects, about 4 weeks is needed for design, approval and production. You may need to allow more time if you are producing something in mass quantity or large format. Reprints (outsourced printing will have a longer timeline) and web updates require 1 week.

Rush Orders

Projects requiring a turnaround of under 3 weeks will be charged an escalating rush fee equal to half to one times the design fee. Your rush project will receive priority over our current projects in queue. Reprints and web updates only have rush fee for less than 1 week notice.


At least 4 weeks before you want the completed piece in your hands, make an appointment with one of our guides to discuss your project. Please bring all content for your project (proofread with specific attention to dates, times and locations). Also bring ideas, photos, or artwork that might be helpful to the creation of the piece. Project timelines can be hindered if you do not supply required content in a timely manner. Client is responsible for any copyright or trademark issues related to the creation and use of project files by customer. Designers will not knowingly copy other rightfully trademarked or copyrighted material.


Your creative guide will inform you of when proofing needs to be done. Once you have approved a piece, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EXISTING ERRORS.

Completion/Delivery of Project

You will be contacted by email or phone when your job is ready. You will be invoiced for all services on one bill. Your invoice must be paid within 60 days of the billing date or a 1.5% charge will be added.

Cancellation of a Project

If you decide to cancel a job after it has been started, your organization/department will be responsible for paying for costs incurred up until the point of cancellation. Any delay exceeding 60 days in responding to designer’s request for information or review/approval of proofs, we will invoice you for work completed to date.

Geneseo Brand Adherence

We work closely with the Office of Communications & Marketing to ensure that SUNY Geneseo graphic and visual standards are adhered to if needed. All new professional and creative advertising materials for offices, department and administrative areas will be reviewed by the Office of Communications and Marketing and approved before completion.

Portfolio Rights

Bronze Bear Creative retains the right to display, reproduce and distribute the designs in our portfolio and website, and third party trade publications or exhibits, solely for the purpose of promoting or exemplifying our work, and the right to be credited with copyright ownership and authorship of the designs in connection with such use.


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