Hate Crime:

Sexual Orientation Hate Crimes & Discrimination Features over of cases, facts, articles and related hate crime resources.

National Center for Victims of Crime Is a resource and advocacy organization for crime victims. Their mission is to help victims of crime rebuild their lives.

Psychologists call for assault on hate crimes Article exploring the psychological aspects of hate crimes, legal demands, and policy demands.


Lesbian/Gay Law Notes A comprehensive, readable, authoritative monthly update on court rulings, legislation, and other lesbian/gay and AIDS legal developments

Sodomy Laws List of laws which criminalize consensual, noncommercial, sex between adults in private, and strategies to repeal them.

How the Law Fails Lesbian and Gay Parents and Their Children Article by Associate Professor of Law, Seattle University Law School, about the difficulties gay and lesbian parents have in custody issues because of their sexual orientation.

Overview of State Adoption Laws A listing of the status of gay and lesbian adoptions in each state. Includes the current law and whether current trends are supportive or hostile.

Love Sees no Borders Information explaining the dynamics of same-sex immigration issues and exposure to the punishment that same-sex couples have because they are denied immigration rights.



LGBT Rights Research Information about LGBT rights.

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force The task force does research and policy analysis regarding issues affecting the LGBT community.