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Party Goer Safety: Responsible Drinking and Personal Safety

  • use the buddy system
  • eat before you drink
  • designate a driver
  • set a limit
  • drink water

checkFamiliarize yourself with local  policies and laws.

checkDrinking should not be the primary focus of any event.

checkSet a drink limit and stick to it.

checkAlternate alcoholic drinks with water.

checkAvoid combining alcohol with carbonated beverages that speed up the absorption of alcohol so that you get drunker faster medications, drugs, marijuana or energy drinks as these can interact harmfully.

checkFeeling extremely drunk after starting to drink alcohol is a sign you may have been drugged with rohypnol (roofies) or GHB. These drugs can cause amnesia and unconsciousness for 3 to 8 hours.

checkUse a designated driver or call for transportation to make sure everyone gets home safe.

checkDrink slowly.

checkNever leave a drink unattended.

checkRespect another's right not to drink.

checkRemember, alcohol is still the #1 date rape drug.