Meet the Safe Zone Trainers

Dr. Alice Rutkowski

She/Her/HersPicture of Dr. Alice Rutkowski
Professor of English & Women's & Gender Studies
Been with Safe Zone: 8 years
Fun Fact: I have a 10-year-old son
Other Activities: I teach classes on American Literature, literature of the Civil War and Reconstruction, Herman Melville, the Queer Nineteenth Century, Intro to Women's & Gender Studies, Trans Studies, feminism & pornography, and American Studies

My work on Safe Zone is my favorite thing about my job at Geneseo. Mentoring students to become effective and compassionate facilitators in the program has given me such a sense of fulfillment, especially since the program encourages students to take leadership roles in the program and dictate the program's direction and curriculum.

What is the most important thing about Safe Zone?


Picture of Mary RutiglianoThey/She
English Literature with minors in Linguistics and Native Studies
Been with Safe Zone: 2 years
Fun Fact: I grew up in Geneseo
Other Activities: Student Coalition for Migrant Workers, Swing Dance club




What’s the most important thing Safe Zone has taught you?


She/Her/HersPicture of Emma
Been with Safe Zone: Since last semester
Fun Fact: I sing Opera!
Other Activities: Sister of Sigma Delta Tau, Knitting Club

I love cats!




What has been the most memorable experience for you?


Picture of Alyssa CatholdiShe/Her/Hers
Childhood Special Education
Been with Safe Zone: 2 semesters
Fun fact: I teach art at summer camp
Other Activities: APO





What made you want to be a Safe Zone trainer?


They/HePicture of Morgan
Been with Safe Zone: Approx. 1 year
Fun fact: I've chipped my front left tooth three times.
Other Activities: Gestures: Organization for Deaf Awareness (GODA) SA rep, LGBTQ+ Office Intern, Livingston CARES member, GOLD Leader Mentor, Academic Peer Mentor(APM), Diversity and Inclusion Community Educator (DICE), and Advisory Committee on Volunteer and Service Programs member, and Jewish Foundation for the Education of Women Scholarship (JFEW) Recipient

I am Half-Deaf and professional proficient in American Sign Language (ASL).

What made you want to be a Safe Zone Trainer?

Hannahphoto is unavailable

English with adolescent education
Involved with Safe Zone for: 4 semesters or since Spring 2017
Fun Fact: I can juggle
Other Activities: Secretary of Circus Club, Musical Theater Club member, Social Media Coordinator of Her Campus





Picture of LeslieShe/Her/Hers
Involved with Safe Zone for: One Year
Fun Fact: I don't know how to raise one eyebrow at a time
Other Activities: Assistant Residence Director, Research Assistant




Why be Safe Zone trained?


Picture of JuliaShe/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs
Psychology (Pre-Med)
Involved with Safe Zone for: I took the Train-the-Trainer Course in Fall 2018 and have been involved since.
Fun Fact: Banana is my favorite fruit!
Other Activities: Assistant Residence Director of Suffolk Hall (Fall 2018-Spring 2020), Geneseo Dance Ensemble, Orchesis Dance, National Residence Hall Honorary, Psi Chi.


Why did you become interested in Safe Zone?


She/Her/HersPicture of Caitlyn
Involved with Safe Zone for: 1 year
Fun Fact: My birthday is on a holiday
Other Activities: Social sibling of ADE, AOP peer mentor, work study, Duplicating center





What are some skills you gain from Safe Zone?


She/TheyPhoto of Jessica
Been with Safe Zone: 4 semesters!
Fun Fact: I collect furbies as a hobby.
Other activities: Vice President of Voices for Planned Parenthood, Campus Coordinator of Her Campus @ Geneseo, Student Researcher for the Sibling-Peer Research Group.



Why be Safe Zone Trained?


Picture of MadelineShe/Her/Hers
Psychology & Women and Gender Studies
Been with Safe Zone: Since Spring 2017
Fun Fact: I love to do origami!
Other activities: The Pride Alliance, the LGBTQ+ Issues Working Group, the Office of Diversity and Equity, Voices for Planned Parenthood, Her Campus

I'm the Assistant Coordinator of Safe Zone!



What do Safe Zone trainers bring to the Geneseo campus?


Picture of Vanessa









What will be something (skill) that you take away from this experience?


DanPicture of Dan Jacques

Chemistry Lab Manager and Safety Specialist
Been with Safe Zone: Since 2001 (10 years at Geneseo)
Fun Fact: I can walk on my hands.
Other Activities: I teach the concepts of chemical hygiene and chemical safety, manage a large team of students in the chemistry stockroom, and currently work with the national American Chemical Society Committee on Chemical Safety and with DEIR topics.  I specialize in the adaptation and application of national and state laws and regulations to laboratories at Geneseo. Additionally, I focus on fostering and teaching students marketable skills in STEM laboratories from an industry perspective.