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Open Training Sessions and Request a Training

Safe Zone Course in April 2018

Summer 2020 Open Training Sessions

Single session Safe Zone training is current paused due to the current situation with COVID for students, faculty and staff.  Please contact Dr. Alice Rutkowski with any questions.

play_arrowCurrent Summer Open Faculty/Staff Training:  2020 sessions are currently paused.

Spring 2021 Open Training Sessions

Depending on the environmental situation, Safe Zone training availability will be evaluated early in 2021.  Please email Dr. Alice Rutkowski if you have any questions.

Fall Student Training: on pause



Further Open Student Training: TBA

(Link will be available once announced)


Best practices suggest that Safe Zone participants "refresh" their training every three years. For Geneseo faculty and staff members therefore, we ask that you sign up to take the basic 3-hour workshop again if you were trained BEFORE Jan 1, 2017. Rest assured, the curriculum has been entirely revised by student leaders in the past two years and you will absolutely encounter new material and strategies.

Next Open Faculty/Staff Full 3-hr Training: on pause:


Next Open Faculty/Staff Refresher Training:   On pause for 2020

Once Safe Zone restarts, student trainers in our program have developed a shorter, 90-minute “refresher” workshop intended specifically for faculty and staff who last attended a Safe Zone workshop 2017 or before. If you have NEVER taken a Safe Zone workshop here at Geneseo, you need to sign up for the Full Safe Zone 3-hr Training.  

(Training Completed for 2019)

Request a Training

Once Safe Zone restarts, for groups of 6 individuals or more, you may request a training for your cohort or colleagues.   Due to COVID-19, Safe Zone is on pause, we hope to be able to offer workshops again in Jan 2021.

If you have any questions, please contact Alice Rutkowski ( or Eli Miller (