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Study Abroad

Want to study abroad but fear your sport will get in the way? The SARC is here to help students gain experience abroad without disrupting athletic commitment.

Geneseo Study Abroad offers guidance for students to find a study abroad opportunity that fits their academic goals and personal values without interfering with the season.

Finding the Program for You


1. Visit the Geneseo Study Abroad Office at Erwin 217-  Contact Us

2. Research! Where do you want to study? What duration would you like the program to be? When do you want to study? What is your academic program?

3. Meet with your academic advisor/department

4. Learn the basics - what opportunities are available through study abroad?

5. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

6. Meet with your Coach -  We suggest doing research prior to this step to ensure the opportunity will not interfere with your team commitment.

7. Apply

For more information about the steps to study abroad, visit Get Started!

Program Types

Semester Study Abroad - Students attend a university abroad as a visiting international student. Geneseo reviews students based on the host university's selection criteria. Students enroll in classes at the host university and transfer their courses back to Geneseo. With careful planning, students from any major are able to study abroad for a semester.

Semester Exchange - Students participate in a student exchange with one of Geneseo's exchange partners. Geneseo reviews and nominates students based on the criteria of the exchange agreement. Students enroll in classes at the exchange university and transfer their courses back to Geneseo.

Short-Term Faculty Led - Typically summer, intersession, or spring break programs. Students travel with a Geneseo faculty member and are directly registered for a Geneseo course taught by that faculty member. The duration of the program will depend on the number of credit hours of the course.

Short-Term Host-Institution - Similar to a semester program, but in the summer. Students take summer-sessions courses at the host university abroad and transfer their courses back to Geneseo.

Visit About Study Abroad for more information.