Sexual Assault Response Team

SART services have been permanently discontinued as of May 1, 2018. Over the past five academic years, the SART service has been used to transport only two students to Strong Hospital. It is possible that the low rates of use are related to changes in transportation options that have emerged since SART was initiated. For example, Uber is now available. We are dedicated to continuing to provide the service thru the end of the academic year. However, the time and resources currently allocated to the SART service could be used in ways that beneficially impact a greater number of students in the future. Some possible alternative transportation resources include:

  • Ask a friend with a car
  • Uber
  • Taxi service.   
      • Quality Transportation – 585-455-8294 offers discounted Medical Appointment Transportation
      • Have to arrange ride to and from hospital a minimum of 3hrs in advanced (but does run 24 hours a day)
      • One way from Geneseo to Strong - $65
      • Round trip from Geneseo to Strong - $110
        • Quality Transportation have a "Safety Net" agreement with the College that allows service fees to be billed directly to the students account instead of paying out-of-pocket for services - student ID is required at the time of service.
  • Request transport by University Police 245-5222 (subject to staffing availability)
  • The Geneseo Campus community has a Facebook page called ‘SUNY Geneseo Rideshare’ where students can schedule and coordinate rides with one another. For more info:
  • Call an ambulance (but this may be expensive) – 911