College Senate Bulletin

State University of New York at Geneseo

College of Arts and Sciences


Correspondence to Dennis Showers, School of Education, South 222C,, 245-5264

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Bulletin No. 8

Bulletin No. 8

Pages 98-113

2 February 2010


Topic                                                                                     Page

Minutes, Executive Committee Meeting, 2 February 2010        98

Minutes, FAC Meeting, 9 February 2010                                   102

Minutes, Senate Meeting, 16 February 2010                             102

Minutes, All-College Meeting, 30 March 2010                           107

Minutes, Senate Meeting, 30 March 2010                                 109

Minutes, FAC Meeting, 13 April 2010                                        112

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: President Dahl, J. Bearden, J. Behrend, D. Granger, G. Hartvigsen, N. Kaasik, M. Lima, D. Gordon, L. O'Brien, R. Owens, S. Salmon, D. Showers (Chair), B. Morgan.

Call to Order

Chair Showers called the meeting to order at 4:01 pm.

Adoption of the Agenda

The meeting agenda was adopted.


President – Christopher Dahl

President Dahl reported on two items.

First, in a Summary Disposition Process by the NCAA,the college accepted a major infraction with 2 years of probation. There is no other penalty. Because of this the Hockey team is ineligible for post-season for this year alone

The president explained that beginning in 1999 the college began a program for the recruitment of international students. This program provides scholarship assistance to all students. This included a Canadian Initiative as well in response to changes in the secondary education system in Canada (i.e. the elimination of grade 13). There was a rule change in 2005 which affected the proportion of aid given to athletes and non-athletes in programs such as these. As a result the proportion of aid given to athletes in division 3 has to be almost the same to that given to all students. The president said that SUNY Geneseo rectified any discrepancies as soon as the college was made aware of the change. He reported that this year's freshman class has no aid to Canadian student. The sophomore, junior, and senior class still receive aid under this program. NCAA asked SUNY Geneseo to pull that aid. The choice became for the students to continue on the team or to take aid. That is still a technical violation. As a result, we must watch our numbers for proportionality and eliminate the Canadian Initiative completely next year. The president is convinced that this will be the first and last violation.

The president stated that SUNY Geneseo disburses very little aid that is not need-based. Hartvigsen wanted to know if this is a big thing. President Dahl assured us that it is not. Buff State received the same penalty. As a result we lose the aid for 10 students. So far, it has not been covered in the local or other media. The President assured the committee that the college is confident that this is an indication of how well athletics at SUNY Geneseo is run.

Second, President Dahl reported on the SUNY CUNY Empowerment act. He characterized it as the most significant piece of reform in recent memory. He stated further that it will be profoundly beneficial to Geneseo and that it will be advocated for by all parties. He reported that he sees this proposed legislation as being very beneficial to the college especially in light of recent budget concerns.


Associate Provost – David Gordon

Associate Provost Gordon reported that the Strategic Planning Group (SPG) of the college has been meeting and examining the reports of the Six Big Ideas Committees. SPG is identifying suggestions and items to move forward.

Middle States committee has begun to meet to prepare for accreditation.

Several faculty searches are underway. Associate Provost Gordon stated that the candidates will be given the opportunity to meet with members of the college community (e.g. faculty) from outside the department that is conducting the search . O'Brien asked which departments are searching. Associate Provost Gordon reported that there are searches for faculty (French) in Foreign Language, Communication, and Psychology. Hartvigsen asked about overcrowding in Biology. The associate provost said that Provost Long has spoken to Professor George Briggs and that that is all he could report.

Senate Chair – Dennis Showers

Chair Showers reported that he will be meeting with nominations committee about changing the charge of the nominations committee, so that they oversee nominations and conduct elections. He will ask them to be the ad hoc committee that presents an amendment changing their charge.

Showers stated that he sent out an announcement about a meeting on February 17, 2010 to discuss the possible change of the governance structure of the college senate. He has since learned that this is in conflict with a reception for a guest of the college. Associate Provost Gordon inquired about changing the date to February 24, 2010. It was suggested that this meeting be added rather than changing the date.

Chair Showers asked if this committee thought it might be fruitful to conduct a survey of faculty about possible changes in governance. Hartvigsen asked whether the survey would effective without the faculty knowing more about the issue. Associate Provost Gordon wondered if faculty might be asked what they envision.

O'Brien asked about what the body would look like. Kaasik asked whether a change in governance would reduce student power. Chair says he does not have a final vision of this so nothing definitive.

Chair Showers reported that a new clerical secretary has been hired for the college senate meetings. He also reported that the College Senate website will be changed to the new (to the college) content management system (Drupal). The chair and the secretary will be trained in the next two weeks.

Vice Chair – Christopher Leary

The vice chair reported that the excellence committee has done its work and letters with their recommendations should be on their way to Albany soon. All possible slots have been filled: a full slate.

Past Chair

Granger reported that the budget priorities committee is waiting for SPG findings.

Secretary – Brian Morgan

Morgan reported that he is happy about the switch to Drupal.

Treasurer – Greg Hartvigsen

No report.

University Faculty Senator – Maria Lima

No report.

Vice President Student Association – Nicholas Kaasik

Kaasik reported that two senator positions have opened and that a search is underway. A trip to Albany is being planned.

Undergraduate Program committee – Bob Owens

Owens reported that the Voices project is having a kickoff on2.4.10 at 3:30 pm in the Mosaic space. Refreshments will be served. Owens invites participation

Undergraduate Policy Committee - Leigh O'Brien

O'Brien reported that the proposed change in the Pass/Fail is still under discussion by the Undergraduate Policy Committee (UPC). Senate has passed the change in the passing grade from D to C-. The UPC is meeting with a representative of AOP on February 5, 2010 to discuss impact of changes on AOP students. O'Brien reported that there appeared to be some misunderstanding of the the intent of the wording change. She stated that there was some discussion as to whether this would best be addressed as a simple change in wording for clarification or whether it is actually a policy change.

Graduate Curriculum Committee – Susan Salmon

Salmon reported that eight (8) proposals will be coming before the College Senate.

Student Affairs Committee – J Behrend

Behrend reported that the committee met with Dean Radosh about scheduling changes. Dean Radosh said that no changes will be made. The committee will be discussing medical amnesty with the Dean of Student at the next meeting of the Student Affairs Committee..

Faculty Affairs Committee – J. Bearden

Bearden reported that the committee met with Dean Radosh. She said that there will be no changes in block scheduling. The Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC) plans to conduct a survey about scheduling.

Owens asks about joint meeting between the interested committees and Dean Radosh. President Dahl proposed meeting with Provost Long first. Chair Showers suggested chairs of FAC and SAC meet with Provost Long first. President Dahl stated that this is a good suggestion because there is some lack of clarity in the matter. FAC is meeting next week to design survey. Associate Provost Gordon suggested survey might be start of evaluative process. Hartvigsen asks for clarification regarding the official start time of classes. Wants to know if classes start at 8:00 am or 8:30 am.

President Dahl reiterates that he thinks a meeting of the committee chairs is the best way to start the process.

Bearden reported the use of SOFI system as online form will be evaluated. Hartvigsen suggested evaluating using experimental design especially matched groups.

Kaasik asked if students should be able to look at comments. Bearden stated that policy has been that students can see numerical scores and not comments as comments are confidential, and everyone is prevented from seeing them unless allowed by the instructor. Bearden reported past practice was to look at SOFI and questions every two years and that it is time to examine them again. O'Brien asked if content or form of administration are under examination. Chair Showers said both are. Bearden stated that he recalled that SOFIs and the SOFI process were supposed to be evaluated periodically. Associate Provost Gordon said that this is correct, and that there were a lot of problems with the paper ones as well.

President Dahl said he was pleased that both mode and content were being evaluated and suggested that mode of administration should be looked at first.

Behrend asked if the Student Affairs Committee should look at SOFIs from the students' perspective.

Old Business

Chair Showers shared that FAC used to create the calendar. Then the process changed so the FAC simply supplied principles for making the calendar and that those principles and the process would be reexamined from time to time. This has not happened in some time. President Dahl stated that he thinks we should put it off given our questions regarding scheduling

New Business

Owens inquired whether a proposed name change of the Department of Foreign Languages should be brought forth as a resolution of the College Senate or would some other mechanism be used. Political Science and International Affairs changed their name some time ago and Associate Provost Gordon said a memo existed regarding that process. He will look for it. Owens asked for further guidance in the matter.

Adjourned: 5:09 pm

Respectfully submitted,

B Morgan

Minutes of the Faculty Affairs Committee

February 09, 2010

Present: C. Adams, J. Allen, J. Bearden, B. Colòn, S. Derné, D. DeZarn, J. Lewis, Maria Liwanag, J.

McClean, D. McPherson, F. Sheikh, A. Sheldon, A. Steinhauer

Excused: A. Foley, Y. Massen, B. Swoger

Call to Order:

Approval of minutes from last meeting: no minutes to approve since minutes were not taken during prior meeting with Dean Radosh concerning block scheduling.

Chair’s Report

a. Chair was asked to have FAC evaluate block schedule via survey. A sheet of suggested questions was distributed. Several of the questions were deemed more appropriate for departmental evaluation since they dealt more with department specific scheduling issues (department meetings, specifics of the types of classes offered, etc.)

Block Schedule

James Bearden agreed to draft a questionnaire for opinions/reflections on the block schedule that he will bring to our next meeting.

Evaluation of SOFIs

Extensive discussion of the current online SOFI questions and online administration occurred. Steve Derne and James McLean agreed to summarize these comments and send a report to FAC for evaluation and then submission to the Provost.


J. Bearden adjourned the meeting at 5:01 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Jani Lewis

Minutes College Senate Meeting
16 February 2010

Present: J. Allen, A. Barbarello, T. Bazzett, J. Bearden, J. Behrend, S. Chen, R. Coloccia, C. Dahl, R. Delgado, S. Derne, J. Dolce, V. Farmer, C. Freeman, C. Geiger, K. Gentry, S. Giorgis, A. Gu, K. Hannam, W. Harrison, G. Hartvigsen, A. Heap, A. Herman, S. Iyer, M. Jensen, N. Kaasik, J. Kirkwood, C. Kreutter, C. Leary, M. Lima, D. MacKenzie, G. Marcus, J. Nathanson, L. O’Brien, J. Okada, B. Owens, A. Pridmore, P. Rault, S. Salmon, A. Sheldon, D. Showers, L. Spencer, A. Steinhauer, M. Stolee, S. Stubblefield, B. Sowger, C. Tang, R. Vasiliev, J. Yee, E. Savellos, C. Matthews, K. Davies Hoffman

Guests: J. Goldberg, J. Williams

Call to Order

Chair Showers called the Senate to order at 4:00 p.m.

Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda of February 16, 2010 (CSB #5, page 67) was adopted from the floor with no objections or corrections.

Adoption of the Minutes

The minutes of November 17, 2009, (CSB #5, pp. 61-66) were adopted from the floor with no objections or corrections.

Senate Reports

President’s Report - Christopher Dahl

1. The College has been asked and agreed to join the Consortium on High Achievement and Success (CHAS). CHAS members are highly selective liberal arts colleges and we are the first public member to join. Our membership is a joint effort between Academic and Student Affairs to ensure success in promoting a diverse campus.

2. State Budget update: as of week ago, the gap in this year’s budget is an additional $750 million. We had a $3.2 million gap in 2008-09. The proposed gap in the Governor’s budget is $3.8 million for 2010-11.

The steps we are taking to close the gap are:

  • Tapped into reserve funds using $100 in stabilization cash, shifted non-personnel expenses (about one million) from State budget to reserve funds.

  • Shifted $826,000 to the IFR budget, part of another cut in the budget from 09-10.

  • Shifted utility costs over to reserves.

  • Froze eight instructional lines, eliminated 17 positions permanently, effective now.

  • Delaying searches.

  • Curtailed non-personnel expenditures.

  • Allowed five academic departments to do faculty searches this year. Two of five may lead to actual appointments.

  • Incoming freshman could only sign up at registration for 12 credit hours with the theory being they could pick up the fifth course after they started classes. This is not desirable but a necessary evil.

  • No academic equipment replacement.

We went from a ranking of 6 to 9 in the Kiplinger report of most desirable institutions for in-state.

We cannot sustain indefinitely as we will run out of reserves. We have to replace equipment and the cuts in OTPS have brought the amount of money in those accounts to 10.2%. We cannot continue to leave faculty lines vacant. From a planning standpoint we are looking at program closures or lay offs. Budget advocacy is very important at this point.

A pushback on the budget cuts is important but if there is no money in the State budget, pushing back will not provide additional sources of funding. The SUNY/CUNY Empowerment Act gives us the ability to be more efficient, the legislation is vital. The question is whether there will be a SUNY or 64 campuses.

3. SUNY/CUNY Empowerment Act is the last best chance we have for long range change, to allow us to have the resources to keep going. The key portion is tuition - the bill ensures all tuition and revenues go directly to SUNY rather than the State appropriation offices. Tuition levels are set by policy approved by the SUNY Board of Trustees. We must all advocate for the SUNY/CUNY Empowerment Act.

Jim Allen (Psychology): Which 17 positions are being eliminated?

President Dahl: There are four or so in Academic Affairs, two in Student Affairs, maybe 11 in Administration and Finance. We are trying to keep staffing up that directly serves students.

C. Leary (Math) Regarding tuition and the Empowerment Act, what portion of our schools operation costs are funded by tuition?

President Dahl: More than 60% of the operations budget. There are five budgets in the College: $42 million are State operations budget, about 1/3 comes from state tax dollars, 2/3 from tuition.

Meg Stolee (History): If the Empowerment Act is approved, what will our tuition increase be?

President Dahl: There would be a cap on annual and initial increases. The difference between the general rate and special rate might be ten percent.

Jim Bearden (Sociology): Do I hear correctly that if the Empowerment Act is not approved there will be program cuts/layoffs?

President Dahl: Not definitively. We will have to find a way to cut $3.8 million. If we have cuts 3 or 4 years in a row, with no revenue, we may have to.

Jim Allen (Psychology): Does Administration have a plan for cuts or layoffs?

President Dahl: No, the planning process includes the Budget committee and the issue would have to be reviewed.

Doug MacKenzie (Communicative Disorders & Sciences): If this plan is enacted how long would it take to implement?

President Dahl: It would depend on the details of how the Act is implemented.

Provost’s Report - Carol Long

1. Provost Long asked for a moment of silence in respect for the victims, the students, faculty, staff and institution at the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

Violence always gives us pause, whether it comes in the form of natural disaster or intentional or random injury. However, violence against persons in an academic institution brings particular trauma for us who believe in the expansive and healing power of education. Our mission is to provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment for all; although we live in a culture of intellectual critique and civil competition, we hold fast to the values of respect, equity and mutual support that guide our community. When these values or practices are at risk, we increase the potential of violence of some kind.”

If not familiar with our workplace violence policy, visit:

But the most important message, perhaps, of these recent events is that we need to remember what one of the commentators on the Chronicle of Higher Education blogs said this weekend: we hope to create communities where we are ‘invested in each other’s well-being.’ Forming and sustain such communities is the surest buffer against preventable violence.”

2. The Middle States Self-Study is underway, with the steering committee developing research questions that they are sharing with the Strategic Planning Committee. Opportunities for broader engagement with the process will be announced soon.

3. The Strategic Planning Committee is working hard, progress is continuing on the list of short term actions, with particularly active involvement around the planning of a summer institute for alumni on campus and around the expansion of summer term opportunities in various locations and forms. Work is also proceeding on the development of fifth year programs. Departments will soon be hearing from us a bout helping with an audit of teaching activities and SPG members will be gathering input from departments and programs on possible faculty work load templates for a shift in the student load from 5 to 4 courses.

Chair’s Report – Dennis Showers

1. The University Faculty Senate Bulletin is available in limited quanity, please share.

2. By memo 2/2/10 President Dahl accepted the Senate recommendations from the January meeting.

3. HIST 111 was passed on 1/26, however; the number HIST 111 was recently used so we have to change to HIST 112. Lacking objection, Showers will report to Pres to change number to 112. No objections

4. Electronic voting: the nomination process was not finished so AC meeting did not happen today. The proposal to amend the Faculty Constitution to allow electronic voting in committees will be presented at that meeting.

4. Showers appointed the committee on nominations as an adhoc committee to present a proposal for amending the Faculty Constitution to return the responsibilities for running elections to the Committee on Nominations. This proposal will be presented at the All-College meeting in March.

Vice Chair – Chris Leary
No report.

Past-Chair – David Granger
Absent, no report.

Treasurer – Greg Hartvigsen

The fund has $648.

University Faculty Senator – Maria Lima
The Provost’s office has an Associate Provost for Diversity, Pedro Caban. Any good ideas for activities or programs promoting diversity can be funded by grants from Dr. Caban’s office.

Vice President, Student Association – Nicholas Kaasik
Nominated two students, waiting for confirmation…will be back to having full representation effective tomorrow. Spearhead budget advocacy, in the planning stages for trip to Albany. The SA spends $400-$500 per month on phone bills. They are investigating whether they could save money if they switched to a Vonage-type account.

Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula – Robert Owens

First Reading: UCC MOVES

New Course (Found in CSB #5, page 59)

  • INTD110, ESL Oral Communication.


Course Revision (Found in CSB #5, page 59)

  • ENGL 237, Voices and Perspectives


Program Revision (Found in CSB #5, page 59)

  • B.A. in English: Track in Literature/Track in Creative Writing


Second Reading

New Course (Found in CSB 4, pages 36-37)

  • CDSC 207, Speech and Language Development and Intervention for ESL Speakers in College

  • EDUC 363, International Field Experience: Early Childhood, Childhood, and Adolescence Education

  • HIST 355, Slave Rebellions and Resistance in the Atlantic World

  • INTD 215, Central European Cultural History

Leigh O’Brien: Request for separation of proposal for EDUC 363


L. Obrien: The proposal for EDUC 363 should include a prerequisite of permission of the School of Education. Seconded. Passed.

Motion to approve course--Passed

Course Revision (Found in CSB 4, page 37)

  • ARTS 200, 204, 205, 210, 215, 220, 222, 225, 230, 240, 245, 250, 305, 310, 311, 315, 316, 320, 321, 325, 326, 330, 340, 341, 345, 346, 350, 351

  • CSCI 142, Principles of Computer Science


Course Deletion (Found in CSB #4, page 37)

  • CSCI 141, Introduction to Computer Science

  • CSCI 384, Parallelism


Program Revision (Found in CSB 4, pages 37-38)

  • B.A. in Art History

  • Minor in Computer Applications

  • Combined Degree Program, BA/MAT in Adolescence English Education

  • Major in Political Science


Undergraduate Policies – Leigh O’Brien

Committee met on February 5 to discuss the pass/fail policy but there wasn’t a quorum. Guests included Calvin Gantt, Del Brown and Dennis Showers. We will have to meet again to see if the committee wants to bring it back as a proposed policy change.

Graduate Academic Affairs – Susan Salmon
First meeting will be on March 9, South 209.

Student Affairs – Justin Behrend

No report

Faculty Affairs – James Bearden

Meeting will be on March 9, at 4:00 p.m., College Union 345. Continuing discussion on evaluation of SOFI’s and survey of faculty.

Old Business

No report.

New Business

No report.


 5:07 p.m.

Minutes All College Meeting

March 30, 2010

Present: C. Adams, J. Aimers, J. Allen, T. Bazzett, J. Bearden, J. Behrend, S. Chen, R. Coloccia, C. Dahl, R. Delgado, S. Derne, D. DeZarn, J. Dolce, J. Elmore, V. Farmer, C. Savello, A. Foley, C. Freeman, C. Geiger, K. Gentry, s. Giorgis, A. Gu, K. Hannam, d. Hanrahan, W. Harrison, G. Hartvigsen, A. Heap, S. Iyer, M. Jensen, K. Johnson, N. Kaasik, J. Kirkwood, M. Klotz, C. Kreutter, K. Levison, M. Liwanag, D. MacKenzie, D. McPherson, B. Morgan, J. Nathanson, L. O'Brien, B. Owens, A. Pridmore, P. Rault, S. Salmon, A. Sheldon, D. Simmons, A. Steinhauer, S. Stubblefield, B. Swoger, C. Tang, R. Vasiliev, C. Matthews. Guest: J. Williams.

The All College Meeting was called to order by Presiding Officer Showers at 4:04 pm

The agenda of the March 30, 2010 All College Senate meeting was accepted as presented (College Senate Bulletin #6, p.79).

Nomination Committee Report: Jim Williams

Williams reported that the following slate of candidates has been nominated.

  • University Faculty Senator: Greg Harvigsen (Biology) and MariavLima (English)

  • Presiding Officer : Dennis Showers (Ella Cline Shear School of Education)

  • Vice Chair: Duane McPherson (Biology)

  • Secretary: Brian Morgan (Ella Cline Shear School of Education)

  • Treasurer: Jeff Over (Geological Sciences) and Aaron Steinhauer (Physics)

Williams called for nominations from the floor. There were no nominations from the floor.

Ren Vasiliev (Geography) asks if there are no humanities nominations for the General Education Committee.

Jim Williams (History) replies that General Education Committee nominations are solicited on a rotating basis and that Humanities is not in the rotation this year.

President's Budget Report: President Dahl

The deadline for passage of the NY State Budget is April 1, 2010, but the budget is likely to be late. President Dahl speculated that there will be a minimum of 4 more weeks until there is a budget due to circumstances that involve the calendar and politics and politics of the New York State Legislature. At this time, one bill has been brought forward in the Assembly. President Dahl reminded us strongly that there is still time for advocacy.

He also reported:

  • The Assembly accepted all the Governor's budget cuts, but restored Community College funding and proposed that the Construction Fund be merged with the Dormitory Authority.

  • The Senate accepted portions of the ACT (less than half)and that it very much resembles the old UB 2020 legislation.

  • Tuition will be split 70/30: 70 percent to the state and 30 percent to the campus. Fee and tuition revenue would be paid back to the campuses quarterly.

  • Rejected taking SUNY off the budget., but would fund SUNY like CUNY under the aegis of “ aid to locales.” This would mean that money that comes in to campuses would stay.

  • Allows differential tuition for graduate programs state-wide and for two campuses (Stony Brook and University at Buffalo) for undergraduate programs.

  • Allows public private partnerships for UB and Stony Brook.

  • However does make cuts in state-wide operating funds.

  • Restored Community College funding and TAP. However, most TAP goes to private institutions.

President Dahl further reported that advocacy efforts have been good and should continue during the time remaining before the budget is adopted..

President Dahl reported that SUNY Geneseo is projected to be $3.8 million in the hole for next year. We might get some money from a tuition increase, but we must look at layoffs and program closures if something does not happen to help SUNY Geneseo close the gap. Dahl estimated that SUNY Geneseo would need $760 increase in tuition to make us whole. He also reported that we are taking other steps to help ameliorate the problem.

  • The Six Big Ideas

  • Phased retirement

  • Early Retirement/Alternative Assignment

N Kaasik (SA VP) asked if there is any way to predict if there will be a tuition increase in the next two years.

President Dahl does not think there will be a tuition increase in the next two years. The process does not allow for the Senate Assembly to do this.

Donna Hanrahan (Student Senator) asked if the $760 tuition increase would be for one year.

President Dahl answered that the tuition increase would only be for one year and that the number ($760) would comes form some very simple and preliminary calculations.

James Bearden (FAC Chair) asked how many took the phased retirement option.

President Dahl deferred to Provost Long and VP Levison for an answer.

VP Levison reported that two people had taken advantage of phased retirement.

President Dahl reported some non-budgetary information.

  • This is the first time in twenty-five years we will be having a separate graduate graduation.

  • The commencement speaker is Frances Smith Foster the Charles Howard Candler Professor of English and Women’s Studies and Emory University.

  • Georgina T. Wood the Chief Justice of Ghana will deliver the Roemer lecture this year.

Old Business


New Business

Presiding Officer Showers proposed two amendments to the Senate Constitution.

  • The Nominations Committee will take back charge of Senate elections

  • Meetings can be conducted using e-mail

VP Levison asks if it would not be better to specify online rather than “by e-mail” to avoid having to make changes in the by-laws every time technology changes. Th amendment was changed to reflect the question.


The All College Meeting was adjourned at 4:35 pm

Minutes of the Senate Meeting

March 30, 2010

Call to Order

Presiding Officer Showers called the meeting to order at 4:36 pm

Adoption of the Agenda

The agenda of the March 30, 2010 Senate meeting was accepted as presented (College Senate Bulletin #6, pp.79-80).

Adoption of the Minutes

The Minutes of the January Meeting of the College Senate were adopted.

Senate Reports

President-Christopher Dahl: No report.

Provost -Carol Long:

  • The Middle States Accreditation process is moving forward. SUNY Geneseo has submitted the self study. The Middle States liaison will visit campus April 5. The SUNY Geneseo Middle States steering committee is forming working groups. Info will be made available soon.

  • The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching is forming a voluntary classification system. Provost Long has decided to investigate moving SUNY Geneseo into the community involvement classification. Application for such a change can only be made in the Fall once every two years. Provost Long stated that she thinks it would be good recognition of the work we are doing.

  • The Strategic Planning Advisory Group is continuing work. The teaching practices survey is is in from the Departments. Provost Long will be creating working groups for the summer to address the findings of the various Big Ideas committees.

  • The Provost”s Committee on diversity and excellence is working on enhancing the opportunities for students at SUNY Geneseo.

Chair-Dennis Showers:

President Dahl accepted the recommendations of the Senate

The University Faculty Senate Executive Committee is working on a resolution that takes a position on The Public Higher Education Empowerment and Innovation Act (PHEEIA). The University Faculty Senate Executive Committee voted on the resolution. It will be sent to the University Faculty Senate for review. The SUNY Geneseo Executive Committee is meeting to discuss the crafting of a resolution as an umbrella for advocacy by the SUNY Geneseo College Senate. He will be sending material to students and faculty to help with advocacy.

D McKenzie (Communicative Disorders and Sciences) asked when the materials will be sent.

PO Showers replied that he would send them as soon as he returned to his office.

The Group of 200 was a reaffirmation of what we do not an instance of true strategic planning. It authorized thethe Chancellor to speak on the behalf of SUNY. There were 6 state wide meetings. Chancellor Zinmpfer will have a series of roll out meetings to present the SUNY Strategic plan at various venues across state with a formal final plan ready in June.

PO Showers presented the idea of amending the constitution to add faulty governance body. A straw poll will be available online soon. He stated that without a strong widespread interest, the process will not go forward. If there is a adequate level of interest the process will move forward.

PO Showers also stated that he and Provost Long met to discuss studying the SOFI process.

Vice Chair-Chris Leary:

No report

Past-Chair-David Granger:

The online voting process has been improved with e-mail notifications. The budget priorities committee will be meeting soon.

Treasurer-Gregg Hartvigsen:

The treasury has $638.15.

University Faculty Senator-Maria Lima:

No report

Vice President, Student Association-Nicholas Kaasik:

Elections for SA VP have concluded. Eight members of the Student Association went to Albany to advocate for SUNY.

Reports of the Standing Committees of the Senate

Undergraduate Curricula-Robert Owens:

UCC Moves for First Reading

New Course (Found in CSB #6, pp. 80-81)

BIOL 335, Foundations of Biochemistry

COMN 203, Professional Public Speaking

ECON 383 Thinking Strategically, An Introduction to Game Theory

HIST 113, World History II

INTD 201, Leadership: (Subtitle)

MATH 382, Introduction to Wavelets and Their Application

MGMT 383, Thinking Strategically: An Introduction to Game Theory

Course Revision (Found in CSB #6, pp. 81-82)

COMN 253, Media Advertising

COMN 353, Advertising as Social Communication

COMN 368, Research in Media and Cultural Studies

COMN 379, Communication: Integrated Applications

COMN 380, Communication Research

GEOG 371, Synoptic Climatology

GEOG 382, Climate Change and Variability

Program Revision (Found in CSB #6, p. 83)

B.A. in Communication: Intercultural and Critical Studies

B.A. in Communication: Journalism and Media

B.A. in Communication: Personal and Professional Communication

B.A. in Communication: Minimum competencies revised.

B.A. in International Relations

Motion passes with no objection..

UCC Moves for Second Reading

New Course (Found in CSB #5, page 59)

INTD110, ESL Oral Communication.

Course Revision (Found in CSB #5, page 59)

ENGL 237, Voices and Perspectives

Program Revision (Found in CSB #5, page 59)

B.A. in English: Track in Literature/Track in Creative Writing

Motion passes with no objection.

Undergraduate Policies-Leigh O’Brien:

Motion on Pass/Fail Policy (CSB 6, p. 85).

M. Jensen (Ella Cline Shear School of Education) asks for a rationale for the policy change.

O'Brien replies that the new policy would be more concise and give students flexibility.

Ren Vasiliev (Geography) inquires about the effect on AOP students.

O'Brien replies that AOP students fall under a different policy.

Provost Long adds that it (AOP policy) was put in place with administrative oversight. It is designed to help students enter and transition to college.

Ren Vasilieve points out that it may be difficult to work under the policy change if we do not know which students are AOP or not.

Motion passes.

Graduate Academic Affairs-Susan Salmon:

GAA moves for First Reading

New Program: (CSB #6, p. 86)

Combined Degree Program (BA/MAT) in Adolescence Social Studies Education
New Courses (CSB #6, pp. 86-88)

EDUC 480 - Multicultural Perspectives in Children and Youth
CURR 509 - Methods and Materials in English
EDUC 463 - International Field Experience: Early Childhood, Childhood, and Adolescence Education
INTD 530 - Teaching of Economics
INTD 531 - Teaching of Geography and Global Studies
INTD 532 - Teaching of American History and Politics
CURR 503 - Strategies for Social Studies Education
EDUC 505 - Social Studies Learning Lab

Motion passes.

Student Affairs-Justin Behrend:

No report

Faculty Affairs-James Bearden:

No report

Old Business


New Business



At 5:05 pm

Respectfully submitted B. Morgan, Secretary

Minutes of the Faculty Affairs Committee

April 13, 2010

Present: C. Adams, J. Allen, J. Bearden, J. Lewis, , , D. McPherson, A. Sheldon, A. Steinhauer, B. Swoger

Excused: B. Colòn, S. Derné, D. DeZarn, A. Foley, M. Liwanag, Y. Massen, J. McClean F. Sheikh

Guest: D. Showers

Call to Order: 4:05 PM

  1. Approval of Agenda for meeting: approved.

  1. Approval of minutes from last meeting: approved without changes.

  1. Chair’s Report.

    • Chair reported on the status of the PER form and meeting with Provost Long pertaining to it. The PER form was presented to the Senate at the final Senate meeting of the 2008-2009 academic calendar, and is included in Senate Bulletin #8. The Minutes, however, from the final Senate meeting at which the Senate voted in approval of the resolution for the PER form were not submitted to the Senate Chair and are currently being sought. Three options were identified to move forward: 1. locate the minutes and send a memo to President Dahl requesting that he take the PER form under consideration, 2. ask President Dahl to take it on faith that it passed Senate, 2. bring it to the Senate floor for a vote again. Provost Long is pursuing locating the minutes on the PC used to record them.

    • Chair reported on a meeting with Provost Long pertaining to the evaluation of the online SOFIs. Provost Long expressed interest in having FAC involved in discussions pertaining to the SOFIs and the evaluation of them. She noted that the five-to-four course load transition is another issue to bear in mind if changes to the SOFIs are proposed. D. Showers mentioned that the ad hoc committee he proposed would serve to assess the online format of the SOFIs and report to FAC. Showers asked if FAC members felt confident that the faculty were aware of the issues (and would agree) presented in the preliminary FAC report pertaining to the SOFIs. The result was mixed, with some members feeling that the faculty were aware of the issues, while others felt that not everyone was aware of every issue. Discussions followed pertaining to the incentives vs. disincentives being offered to students to complete the online SOFIs, the present administration of the SOFIs, the SOFIs vs. IDEA forms, the objectives of the SOFIs, the return rate being higher than expected, and the use of the return rate itself being used as a means of evaluating faculty teaching. The suggestion was made that D. Showers ask the President, Provost, and Department Chairs to explain how the SOFIs are used in the evaluation of teaching. The responses would help determine the effectiveness of the SOFIs. This suggestion was supported by the FAC members. D. Showers asked whether FAC would prefer to do the research on the online SOFIs in lieu of an ad hoc committee. This work would include determining the collective faculty opinion of the online SOFIs and involving other stakeholders in the evaluation process. The consensus was that FAC would continue the work. The discussion pertaining to SOFI vs. IDEA was tabled with the suggestion that we determine whether or not the IDEA form was passed by the Senate several years ago. If it was, then the FAC members agreed to support that decision.

  1. Survey of Faculty on the Block Schedule

Chair reported that there were 75 responses to date. They will be formatted and distributed to FAC members by email. The responses were highly varied.

     5. Request from SOTA

There was a request by a faculty member in SOTA that FAC review the practice of senior productions (and practices) occurring during the week of finals. FAC members agreed that it is not the role of FAC to propose academic policies.

     6. Thank you to Jim Bearden

FAC members thanked Jim Bearden for his fearless leadership throughout the year.


J. Bearden adjourned the meeting at 4:50 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Amy Sheldon