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Routing and Wire Transfer Info

Account & Credit Union Information

When you become a member of the SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union, you will receive a card which contains all of the information pertinent to your account with our credit union. On this card you will find the following:

  • Our institutions routing number : 222380676
  • Your Share Draft (Checking-"05") Account Number- If applicable. (134800000_ _ _ _ _ )
  • Your Regular Share (Savings-"RG") Account Number- A 1-4 digit long number which serves as both your member number, and the number of your Regular Share (Savings-"RG")Account.

The above information can be used to process electronic deposits and withdrawals with companies to and from your SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union account.

It is very important when creating these transactions, to ensure that the company is provided the correct information so that your transactions post properly to your account. In most cases, the company will require our routing number, your account number, and an account type (Regular Share (Savings-"RG") or Share Draft (Checking-"05").

If unsure of the proper information, please contact the credit union for assistance. Incorrect account information may result in the item being returned to the sender, or a $25.00 manual post fee.

Wire Transfer Information

A wire transfer is a process to transfer funds from one financial institution to another. They are NOT instantaneous.

To send a wire transfer there is a processing fee of $20.00 To receive of a wire transfer there is a processing fee of $15.00.

We do not process international wire transfers.

If you are expecting an incoming wire transfer, please notify the credit union in advance. Wire transfers do not automatically posted to the members account. 

To send or receive a wire transfer, you will need the following information:

  • Receiving Institution Address: 4 Tower Place, Suite 500, Albany, NY 12203
  • Receiving Institutions Routing Number: 221381715
  • Receivers Name: Suny Geneseo Federal Credit Union
  • Receivers Address: 1 College Circle, College Union 111, Po Box 114, Geneseo, NY 14454
  • Receivers Routing Number: 222380676
  • Members Account Number to Credit: This would be the account information of the SUNY Geneseo Federal Credit Union member receiving the funds.

Download our printable incoming wire form (PDF).