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Frequently Asked Questions about the SOFIs for Students

Student Feedback Form

How are the SOFI data used?

There are three main uses of the SOFI results at Geneseo:

Instructors use the feedback to improve their courses Results from the SOFIs are included in faculty portfolios used in renewal, tenure and promotion decisions. Students have access to the results to assist in making instructor and course decisions.

Please note that although the SOFIs will be administered as is typical, faculty will not be required to submit SOFI results from the Spring 2020 semester for personnel processes.

How do I access the SOFIs?

Go to mygeneseo. Use your Geneseo login and password (what you use to sign onto My Geneseo or Geneseo e-mail) to logon. Then proceed to KnightWeb utilizing the hyperlink presented. From there, click on "Surveys" and in the menu that comes up select "SOFI Surveys".

SOFI login student

Select the course from the list which you wish to evaluate:


How long do I have to complete the SOFIs?

The SOFI's are available during the last two weeks of class for full term courses.  Instructors have the ability to activate the SOFIs during the 3rd week before the end of term for full term courses; they could use this capability to complete the SOFIs in class.  The evaluation period ends at midnight on the last study day.  For shorter courses, the SOFIs will activate eight days before the end of the part of term. SOFI surveys are turned off when the finals week/period begins for full term courses and on the last day of the term for shorter courses.

How do I see SOFI results for courses or instructors?

Logon to the KnightWeb system. After clicking on "Surveys", select the "SOFI Reports" menu item. Then select the term from the drop down menu and choose whether you want to search by subject or instructor. After that you can search for specific courses or instructors.

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SOFI Course Results

Who can see my comments?

Only the faculty member you are evaluating will be able to see your comments.  When faculty are up for review, they include student comments as part of their portfolios.

When will my instructor be able be able to see my comments?

The SOFI results are released once faculty have submitted their final grades for the semester.

I accidentally filled out the wrong information for my instructor; can this be changed?

Unfortunately not.  Please review your responses carefully before submitting them to make sure you are evaluating the instructor and course you think you are. 

Why can't the evaluation period be extended until finals are over?

The College desires the SOFIs to be grade neutral.  We do not want the grade you receive to influence your opinion of the instructor and we do not want the instructor to have the SOFI results they received to influence grading.