Harassment & Bullying Prevention

"I, as a Geneseo student and community member, stand up against bullying, because I feel that every student should feel safe."

- Brittney Ross, student


Bullying is defined as a complex phenomenon of unwanted offensive and malicious behavior which undermines an individual or group through persistently negative attacks. There is typically an unpredictable and irrational abuse of power or position that can manifest itself in physical, verbal or non-verbal forms. There is usually an element of vindictiveness attached to bullying and the behavior is calculated to undermine, patronize, humiliate, intimidate or demean the recipient.

Harassment is defined as any deplorable words, actions, or behaviors, where the solitary goal is to demoralize, intimidate, or ruin an individuals self esteem and self identity. Harassment is an internalized event, caused by external factors, which wounds the identity and pride of an individual. Harassment is often an emotional and psychological assault on ones being. Harassment degrades and humiliates its victims. Harassment is used to subjugate, and destroy an individuals self-esteem and self-worth.

Source: http://www.Harassment101.com/Handbook/T1.html#

Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct addresses harassment and bullying. Find out more here.

What Happens After You Report

1. File a report (see report an incident or seek out one of the resources listed below)
2. The incident will be investigated, the victim will be interviewed and options will be explored
3. A conduct review may be held with the offender (Level I or Level II)
4. Follow-up with the victim

Contacts & Resources

Campus Resources:
Dean of Students Office: College Union 354, 245-5706
Counseling Services: Lauderdale Health Center, 245-5716
Student Conduct & Community Standards: College Union 348, 245-5714
University Police: 19 Schrader, 245-5222 (emergency line) or 245-5651

*Any faculty/staff member can also serve as a resource. Just tell someone! No one deserves to be harassed or bullied.

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