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Welcome to the Student Organization Directory!

With more than 180 student clubs and organizations, there truly is something for everyone at SUNY Geneseo.

A college-registered Student Organization is any student-driven group whose primary membership and entire leadership consists of students enrolled at SUNY Geneseo; is formed in order to contribute to the students' personal development and the advancement of the College Mission; is non-credit bearing; and is officially registered with the Department of Student Life.

Full registration does not imply college endorsement of the positions and views of any organization. Rather, it implies that the institution accepts the organization’s mission as educationally valid and that the organization has complied with institutional registration and continuing registration procedures. 

Full registration with the College does not permit the organization to act in the name of the university, to represent the university, engage in any contractual obligation in the name of the university, nor represent the organization as being an official part of the university.

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Latinx Student Association

LSA strives to educate the Geneseo community on Latinx culture through our Hispanic Heritage Month event that we hold with GLK. We also hold dinners throughout the year to educate people about important events occurring in Latinx countries, educate people on our culture, and allow people to experience our foods. Two of our dinners are La Mezcla in the fall semester and Sabor Latino in the spring semester.