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This page is under construction and may contain information that is not up-to-date. For current information about internships or post-graduation professional employment, please contact Career Development at 245-5721 

Internships FAQ

Q. What is an internship?

A. An internship takes place in a pre-professional setting and is a learning experience. They are short-term experiences with a specified start and stop date and need to be monitored by a professional in the field.

Q. Do you need to complete an internship for credit?

A. No, an internship can be for credit or non-credit. It will only appear on your transcript if you arrange for it to be a credit bearing internship.

Q. How do I arrange for an internship to be for credit?

A. This must be arranged PRIOR to beginning the internship. You must fill out a contract that is signed by the student, the department granting the credit, and the site of the internship. For more information on receiving credit for internships, please visit the Office of the Dean website. Also, check with your individual department.

Q. Can I complete a summer internship for credit?

A. Yes. However, you will need to make sure that you register prior to the start of the summer session. You will be charged for tuition just as you would for any other summer class.

Q. Can I be paid for an internship?

A. Yes. We receive listings for both paid and unpaid internships. Keep in mind that paid internships applications for paid internships tend to be more competitive. Also, certain fields are more likely to advertise paid internships than others.

Q. Must I do an internship locally?

A. No. Internship opportunities can be found world wide.

Q. Will I need a resume to apply for internships?

A. Not in every case, but they are required more often than not. Please visit Career Services for help with resume writing.

Q. When should I look for an internship?

A. It's never too soon. Generally speaking, you should apply for and arrange your internship the semester prior to its completion. (For example, apply for spring internships in the fall). To receive credit for an internship you need to have Junior or Senior standing. However, non-credit internships can be completed by underclassman as well. It's often a good idea to complete more than one internship prior to graduation.

Q.    Should I only apply for advertised internships?

A.    No.  Often the best internship opportunities are ones you create yourself!  Talk with professors, classmates, friends, relatives, or search Geneseo Alumni Career Partners for internship ideas.  If there is an organization for whom you'd like to work, contact them directly with your resume and cover letter rather than waiting to see an advertisement. 


Have an internship question? Email the SUNY Geneseo internship coordinator at Or call 245-5721 for an appointment. We are happy to get you started on the path to finding an internship!