Photo Contest Winners 2017



First Place:  Shauna Ricketts '18 (Sociology and Political Science double major) 

 Mahidol University in Thailand, Spring 2017 

Thailand. This little girl was waiting for her parents who were working at their family smoothie stand. Their smoothie stand, located at the base of the ruins of the Ayutthaya archeological site specialized in mango smoothies. As I quenched my thirst after a long 102 degree day in the sun, I was inspired by the skeptical nature of this little girl as she watched sweaty strangers buy smoothies from her parents. Her parents explained that she was upset that people usually order mango smoothies instead of her favorite flavor which was watermelon, but I couldn't help but think that there was something more behind her expression.


Second Place:  Jamie McCormick '18 (Political Science and International Relations double major) 

Development Fieldwork in Uganda, Summer 2017 

Bubogo Primary School, Iganga, Uganda: My host mom, a strong and inspiring woman, teaching a Year 5 social studies class to underprivileged students.


Third Place:  Xiuna Lin '18 (Political Science major) 

Sogang University Exchange Program in Seoul, South Korea, Spring 2017 

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. A man praying for good fortunes in a Taoist Temple in the heart of Ho Chi Minh's Chinatown.



First Place:  Gabby Cicio '17 (English Literature major) 

University of Groningen in The Netherlands, Spring 2017 

This picture is taken at the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral overlooking Paris, France. Not only does this picture show the landscape of Paris but, as I hung my camera outside the netted barrier, it was my goal to get a clear image of the gargoyle overlooking the cathedral. The gargoyle created a sense of place for me. I never anticipated that I would be standing at the top of Notre Dame, seeing a gargoyle thinking right next to me.


Second Place:  Taylor Johnson '19 (Political Science) 

Charles University in Prague, Czechia, Fall 2017 

This photo was taken near Narodni Trida in Prague, Czech Republic. In the photo, a classic but typical winding street of Prague is portrayed. However, if one looks to the top the buildings, to the top of the photo, an unusual and dramatic statue of Sigmund Freud is seen. Attempting not to "slip" into the chaos of the world, the statue perfectly portrays Freud's "death drive". I took this photo because earlier in the day, one of my Czech professors told me that if there was one thing to do whilst in Prague, it was to open our eyes. Luckily enough, I took her advice. Not only did I find this hidden gem amongst the rooftops of Prague, but I have stumbled across so many of the city's intricacies and oddities that I probably wouldn't have otherwise.

Place.Sabol.ThirdThird Place:  Lauren Sabol '18 (Biology major) 

University of New South Wales in Australia, Spring 2017 

This photograph was taken of two people standing at the top of Roy's Peak in Wanaka, New Zealand. The hike took 6 hours uphill through fields of native New Zealand sheep.



First Place:  Catherine Brownell '19 (International Relations major)

Rhodes University in Cape Town, South Africa, Fall 2017 

Cape Town is a city dense with culture and history. When colonial settlers first came to South Africa, this is where they arrived. With them they brought slaves, most from Southeast Asia. Many of those slaves, before and after they were given freedom, lived in a neighborhood called Bo-Kapp. Rich in Muslim culture, this small neighborhood is now famous in the city for its brightly colored houses. Although not always so colorful, the practice began as a way to celebrate the Eid holidays, or the end of Ramadan. Pictured are a group of painters working to keep the colors vibrant with a fresh coat of paint.


Second Place:  Henry Erbland '18 (Economics major)

Florence University of the Arts in Italy, Spring 2017 

I took this in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In Europe I always had this feeling of people being more happy then in the US and I felt like this photo did a great job of encapsulating that from young to old people just seemed to enjoy life there.


Third Place:  Jimmy Feng '18 (Geography major) 

University of Groningen in The Netherlands, Spring 2017

By chance, I was able to attend a religious ceremony on Good Friday in a church, located in Spaccanapoli, the Old Town of Naples. Spaccanapoli is notorious for its crime and poverty, but within the confines of the church, the sanctity of the holy order reigned supreme. Despite my religious differences, I felt very fortunate to be able to sit in on an incredibly spiritual event.

People’s Choice


First Place: Mary Pyatt  '18 (Biology major) 

Universidad de Cádiz in Spain, Spring 2017 

I took this photo in the Sahara desert on an excursion to Morocco. The sight of a line of camels winding through the desert and disappearing into the orange dunes was breathtaking.


Second Place:  Cora Connolly '19 (Business Administration and Communication double major) 

University of Groningen in The Netherlands, Fall 2017 

Reitdiephaven, Netherlands. Discovered a small town right outside my city, and this is now one of my favorite (secret) spots to adventure to.


Third Place:  Catherine Brownell '19 (International Relations major) 

Rhodes University in Cape Town, South Africa, Fall 2017 



First Place:  Maria Floriano '18 (Vocal Performance major) 

HUMN II at Oxford, Summer 2017 

This photo marks the beginning of a new perspective. It was one of my first days on the 2017 summer HUM II trip in Oxford England, and I didn’t know what to expect. I snapped a picture of my newish friend, Jen, walking back to campus after talking on the steps. I was unprepared for the deep friendship I would form with Jen, the enjoyment I would have reading classic texts (who knew!?), and the truths I would learn about myself. This photograph marks the beginning of my time abroad, and the beginning of a more passionate, mindful, and curious self.


Second Place:  Danielle Schulman '18 

Service Learning in Cusco, Peru, Summer 2017 (Through SUNY Binghamton) 

Climbing Rainbow Mountain was one of the most physically challenging experiences of my life. We woke up at 3am to catch a van to the mountain, where we ate breakfast and then embarked on our trek. Due to the high altitude, every few steps caused you to stop and catch your breath. Once at the top, I felt like my confidence grew immensely, which is something I will continue to value because I tend to doubt myself. There is something so empowering about accomplishing a task you do not think you are going to be able to accomplish, and I can look back on this experience for reassurance if I doubt myself in the future. Also, I remember being humbled by how beautiful this landscape was, feeling as though I was walking through a painting while hiking. This journey made me realize how beautiful and big the world is, and how little my problems are in the grand-scheme of things.


Third Place: Keaton Laub '18 (Political Science and International Relations double major 

DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark, Spring 2017 (Through SUNY Albany) 

My trip to Norway was my favorite experience from the entire semester abroad. I definitely loved traveling to various European cities, but this trip was completely different in that I went specifically to see the untouched nature and beauty of the Norwegian fjords. Everything about the environment in Scandinavia is so different from anywhere else I've been in the world. Scandinavian countries take many steps to preserve the natural environment through promoting green energy and reducing pollution. I chose this image because the landscape looks so pure and enticing, and it represents my desires to both protect and see more of the natural world.

Overall Winner


Xiuna Lin '18 (Political Science major) 

Sogang University Exchange program in Seoul, South Korea, Spring 2017 

Seoul, South Korea. Korean ajummas serving up steaming delicious food at the Gwangjang Street Food Market