Photo Contest Winners 2018


Siblings on bridge

First Place:  Hana Smith '19 (Communication major) 

Italy at FUA, Summer 2018 

This photo was taken in Venice, Italy. While in Italy, I fell in love with taking street photography. I noticed everyone around me interacting with each other in such simple yet beautiful ways. This photo captured a glimpse of life between two siblings playing on a bridge in Venice. I felt compelled to take the photo because it was an intriguing and beautiful moment and the photo allows for a story to be told.


Second Place:  Hannah Frohm '19 ( International Relations major) 

 Uganda, Summer 2018

Jaja: Grandmother, Taken in Njeru, Uganda at St. Stephen's Secondary School. The 'Jajas', or grandmothers tend the gardens of the school and grow their own crops and every day we would greet each other with big smiles and two-handed waves.

Woman walking in Hassan II Mosque

Third Place:  Hannah Garty '19 (International Relations and Psychology double major) 

Al Akhawayn University (Ifrane, Morocco) Fall 2017 

Woman walking into the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, Morocco. Located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the Hassan II Mosque is the tallest mosque in the world and is known for its beautiful architecture, including beautiful tile, wood, and metal work.



First Place: Timothy Williams '18 (Geophysics major) 

Iceland, Summer 2018 

Skógafoss. A waterfall as a roadside attraction for tourists, and hides one of the top 25 hikes in the world behind it.

Sunset in the Fjords of Iceland

Second Place: Cameron Cummings '19 (Geochemistry major) 

GSCI 288, Summer 2018 

Sunset during one of our last days in Iceland located in the East Fjords. I took this photo because of how the clouds rolled in across the mountains and how the sun hit off from the mountainsides, it was a truly breathtaking view.

Boats in Grand Canal in Venice

Third Place: Hannah Atkinson '19 (Psychology major) 

Florence University of the Arts, Fall 2017 

Venice, Italy. Taken from the Rialto Bridge, the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. I wandered from my hotel and the movement of the boats caught my eye.


Local seamstress named Christine

First Place:  Hannah Frohm '19 (International Relations major)

Uganda, Summer 2018 

Christine, Taken in Jinja, Uganda. Christine is a local seamstress we befriended. We went to her with beautiful fabrics from the market and she would craft handmade clothing designs. I would sit with her while she made adjustments and we would practice Luganda and share stories about our day. Christine became a regular part of my daily walk down main street.

Man painting landscape

Second Place: Claire Hill '18 (Special Education major)

Humanities I in Rome, Summer 2018 

This photo was taken in Volterra, Tuscany. While admiring the view for myself, I was taken aback by this man's representation of the same view.

Sheepdog farm

Third Place: Phoebe Hartvigsen '19 (Biology major) 

University of Edinburgh, Spring 2018

This photo was taken at a sheepdog farm up in the Scottish Highlands. This was one of my favorite trips because I was able to see a herding demonstration among mountains and sheep fields and it just felt like I was experiencing a much older and traditional version of the country.

People’s Choice

Mountain village at dusk

First Place: Mustafa Aminalhaq '19 (Biology major) 

Webster Geneva, Switzerland, Spring 2018 

Matterhorn (Zermatt, Switzerland) - Taking this photo after a day of skiing in the Alps. Walking up after a long day to this high point was absolutely amazing and I am so glad I did. I took this photo right before dusk and I love how it captures everything in that city and all of its experiences. My friends and family enjoyed this photo a lot going as far as to setting it as their wallpaper on their phones.

Coastal Town

Second Place: Abigail Guisbond '19 (Anthropology major) 

Florence University of the Arts- Florence, Italy, Spring 2018 

This photo was taken in Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy. Cinque Terre translates in English to "Five Lands." This was the first of the five towns I ventured to, called Manarola. After beginning about a two-hour hike that connects Manarola to the next town, I was able to capture its beauty from this breathtaking perspective.

Person feeding cow

Third Place:  

Third Place: Phoebe Hartvigsen '19 (Biology major) 

University of Edinburgh, Spring 2018

This photo was taken on the Isle of Arran in Scotland. This cow's name was Topeka and my friend decided to feed her, so I took a picture of the moment they shared!


Kid standing in ocean waves

First Place: Hana Smith '19 (Communication major) 

Italy at FUA, Summer 2018

This photo was taken in Cinque Terre, Italy, a beautiful coastal town filled with colorful buildings and turquoise oceans. The waves were absolutely beautiful and were crashing down, causing people to either run away from them or embrace them. This little kid was finding so much enjoyment being soaked by the waves over and over, and so I wanted to capture this photo of him just before the wave hit him. Ps: He was not harmed while playing in the waves!


Second Place:  Kristine Rupnarain '18 (Psychology)

The Light and Dark Side of Psychology in Vienna, Austria, Summer 2018 

This photo was taken in the Austrian Alps. It was just one stop on a ten-hour long hike to the top of an Alp and I was blown away by the view.

Statue in Senegal

Third Place: Emily Young '19 (Political Science and French double major) 

Dakar Senegal, Summer 2018 

This statue, and the Island of Gorée in general, has a deep connection to the slave trade that impacted the formation of the United States. It is one thing to hear about slavery in a classroom, but a completely different one to see exactly where slaves were being carted into ships and to America and Britain. This moment changed the way that I have always seen my own country and my life in general, as an American and as a person. The effects of the slave trade can still be seen today, and it was an incredibly sobering experience.

Explorer Award Winner

Two people in front of carousel

Hana Smith '19 (Communication major) 

Italy at FUA, Summer 2018

This photo was taken in Florence, Italy in the famous Piazza della Repubblica. I knew about this Piazza before I even went to Florence because I knew it to be the "square with the carousel." I wanted to capture the feeling of the neon lights in the night-time and the fast-paced energy of the city. I had to put my camera on a tripod and put my shutter speed up to 3 seconds in order to capture the stillness of my models and the speed of the carousel.