Artist Statement

Michael Teres Artists Statement 2012:

I have been photographing since childhood and teaching photography at SUNY Geneseo for more than forty-five years. I have always been fascinated by the ephemeral quality of light, and how the changes in light from second to second, affect what I see.

The photograph dematerializes imagined reality, and the digital image moves it to an alternate reality. I try to incorporate my knowledge of using a non-material based mode of artistic production into the actual construction and appearance of my photographs. In the 1960s I said that I photograph what I cannot see. Now, I photograph what I want to see.

I am a photographic artist, a visual composer and storyteller. When I look at my photographs on my computer screen I accept them as they are or I will orchestrate and reconstruct them to match the visual narrative that streams through my minds eye at the time. If there is a need for any (re) vision, Photoshop is my tool of choice. Everything that I photograph is part of a series of my many on-going projects. All of my series of photographs range from totally straight un-manipulated photographs to highly manipulated images that may contain several blended layers. The visual narrative of the forms and colors are redirected to conform to my inner vision. 

My photographs are often the result of what is played out in my mind's eye. My photographs become a permanent record of the visual narrative of my imagination. Photoshop helps me to describe to others my walk through my mind's eye. My photographs are visual records of my trips through my mind. These photographs are the breadcrumbs that Photoshop allows me to keep of all of my visual, verbal and mental adventures so that I get to keep copies of all of the stages to look at or to show as a re-vision to my photographs.