Theatre and Dance Faculty

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Steven Stubblefield

       Chair of Theatre and Dance
       Scenic Designer
       Brodie 171. 585-245-5845

Raymond Boucher

       Adjunct Instructor, Theatre
       Brodie 173 B. 585-245-5842

Ray Boucher Thumb

Mark Broomfield

       Assistant Professor, Dance Studies
       Choreographer and Scholar
       Brodie 163. 585-245-5983

Jody DeLoria

       Adjunct Instructor, Dance Studies


Johnnie Ferrell

       Associate Professor, Theatre
       Technical Director
       Lighting and Sound Designer
       Brodie 173A. 585-245-5844

Deborah Scodese-French

       Adjunct Instructor, Dance Studies


Randy B. Kaplan

       Professor, Theatre and Dance
       Brodie 173D. 585-245-5806

Jonette Lancos

      Professor, Dance Studies
      Academic Coordinator,
      Dance Studies Programs
      Choreographer and Scholar
      Brodie 164. 585-245-5843

Lancos Thumb

Jacqueline McCausland

       Adjunct Faculty, Dance Studies


Richard Wesp

       Adjunct Instructor, Theatre


Bonita Stubblefield

       Lecturer, Theatre

       Costume Designer

       Brodie 173C. 585-245-5832