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Members of the Campus Community
as Resources

The TLC is in the process of creating Resource Lists of Geneseo faculty and staff who have tried teaching experiments that they are willing to share. Use the people on this page as a resource for trying new things.


Teaching Large Classes 

Kurt Fletcher Physics
Cristina Geiger Chemistry
Anthony Gu Business
Steve Kirsch Psychology
Mary Krickmire Theater
Bob O’Donnell Biology
Jeff Over Geology
Bob Owens CommDisSc


Student Team Building for group work

Liz Hall Education
Avan Jassawalla Business


Managing Class Discussions

Ken Asher English
Ron Herzman English
Gene Stelzig English


Power Point

Eric Helms Chemistry
David Geiger Chemistry
Paul Pacheco Anthropology


Collaborative Learning

Marion Fey Education


Videoconferencing with classes on other campuses

Becky Glass Sociology
Dave Meisel Physics and Astronomy



Aaron Steinhauer Physics
David Strang Business



Eric Helms Chemistry