Teaching During Campus Closure

A variety of circumstances might require you to temporarily take your class online with minimal notice: a campus closure, increased absenteeism during a flu outbreak, a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere, etc. CIT has created this guide to provide you with some actions to take when making that shift quickly, including: delivering lectures online, distributing course materials, and communicating with students outside of class.

The Provost-Office-generated Recommendations for Delivery of Remote Courses resource, which identifies a number of best practices to implement, particularly focused on equity and access.

Find tips and tools to transition courses to remote learning within specific disciplines related to SUNY Geneseo departments with this Google Spreadsheet. Note: this is a work in progress with new resources and disciplines added as found. There are separate tabs in the spreadsheet for online laboratory courses and demonstrations, contact resources here at Geneseo, as well as resources compiled by many other institutions.

A recording of the Trauma-Informed Teaching & Learning Webinar presented on March 26, 2020 by Dr. Mays Imad, PhD. You can also review the Slides for the presentation. The Chronicle of Higher Education compiled a series of articles on supporting students in traumatic times. A pdf version of "Coping with Coronavirus."

A team of faculty Remote Instruction Consultants (RIC) has been assembled by Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Glenn Geiser-Getz and convened by Professor of Communication Meredith Harrigan. The RIC team represents different departments, disciplines, faculty roles, and areas of pedagogical expertise. They have experiences in such areas as reflective writing, service learning, open education, multimedia engagement, online instruction, field work, assessment, and other remote learning topics. Members of this group are available for peer-to-peer consultation and problem-solving. Please use this Request for Remote Instruction Consultation Form to request assistance.

Have another question not addressed here, or just need some advice during this difficult time? Get in touch via this Google Form to ask for assistance, or simply send an e-mail to Dave Parfitt at parfittd@geneseo.edu