The Department of Student Life Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Geneseo Department of Student Life to catalogue, promote, assess and strengthen student learning opportunities within Student and Campus Life that contribute to a rich, meaningful, and fulfilling college experience for Geneseo students.

The Department of Student Life includes the MacVittie College Union and its functions (Geneseo Late Knight, Upstate Escapes, Weeks of Welcome), College Registered Student Organizations, the Student and Campus Life High Impact Practices inventory and core co-curriculum, the Student Life Internship Program, the Victor E. Knight Mascot program, and the All-College Hour Speaker series.


Our Intention

It is the intention of the Department of Student Life to provide and to identify opportunities for students that result in increased learning, greater self-awareness and a clearer sense of purpose.



Our passion is the improvement of the human condition through the expansion of a caring community. (Campus Life: In Search of Community p. 47)


Overarching Goals

  • To provide opportunities for students to learn, interact, lead, reflect, program, question and have fun.
    (How College Affects Students p. 647)
  • To provide a safe and inviting place where the college community can gather to engage and flourish.