College Union Concierge Desk Services

Room 102
Hours of operation*:
Monday-Thursday 9am-11pm
Friday 9am-Midnight
Saturday 9am-Midnight
Sunday Noon-11pm
*Depending on staff availabillity

Phone Number 245-5851
Email: life

The College Union Concierge Desk is to serve as a resource for events, services and offices in the MacVittie College Union and as a reference for campus events and services. The following services can be found at the Concierge Desk:

Bike Program
Students can sign out bikes for a 5-hour period at no charge. There is a $5/hour return late fee if necessary. There is also a $10 cleaning fee if the bike is returned in an unclean condition. There are five bikes available. Bike rentals are done at the College Union Concierge Desk, Rm 102, when it is open.

Piano Music Loan
Piano music can be loaned out to anyone with a valid ID to use in the College Union. Customers are allowed to sign out a maximum of 3 pieces with a 2 hour time limit.  There is a piano located in the East Lounge on the 3rd floor.     

Publicity Equipment Pick Up:
Student organizations will pick up the Black Sandwich Board and markers for the sandwich board and painted windows, as well as the paints, ladder and brushes for the Painted Wall when they have reserved these items. 

Student Organization Office Space Key Sign Out
Student organizations with office space located in the College Union will be able to sign out a key that will open their office space if the organization member's name has been authorized by the organization's president.  Presidents can see Kristina Barsema in room 305 for directions.   

 Corner Pocket Recreation Area Services
Room 216
Hours of operation:
Sunday - Thursday Noon-11pm
Friday & Saturday Noon-1:30am

Phone Number 5078
Email: life

The second floor of the College Union houses our Corner Pocket recreation center. You will find billiards, ping pong, and board games that are all free to use. Your organization can also reserve this area for its special event by contacting the Director of Student Life, Charles Matthews.

Other Services of the Department of Student Life

Fundraising Form
The Department of Student Life approves requests to fundraise on and off campus. Complete this online form.  Track your Permission to Fundraise form by going to   Fundraising ideas.

Publicity Requests:
     (Lobby tables, bulletin boards, painted wall, windows, black sandwich boards, etc.)
Publicity Requests are now done on-line at  View tutorial.  All publicity is for a one week period Sunday - Friday except for lobby tables which are for Monday - Friday.   If your publicity request is for fundraising then a Fundraising form must be submitted before your Publicity Request will be approved.  You may select only 3 types of publicity per reservation/event for a one week period. 

We now provide the paint and brushes to use on the painted wall.  These are the only paints that can be used on the wall. Thanksgiving Break through the end of Spring Break organizations can provide a "Painted Sheet" that advertises their organization/event, and the Union Manager will hang this up on the Painted Wall.   Because of the harsh winter conditions that Geneseo faces, painting the wall is not an ideal option. 

Poster Approval
Organizations wishing to advertise an on campus event in the College Union can bring their posters/flyers to College Union, Rm 321, for approval.  Two flyers/posters can be posted on the General Posting boards located on the 1st and 3rd floors of the College Union.

Conference Rooms
Conference room can be reserved through the Office of Scheduling and Special Events , phone 5500.  The following conference rooms, if not reserved, can be used for studying (324, 325, 328, 329, and 330).  Please note reserved times on Room Cards located outside each door.  Please return the room to the condition you found it in when you leave. 

The Computer Project Area (CoPA), Rm 112, is a computer lab furnished with Mac and PC computers along with a color and black/white network printers supplied by CIT.

Study Room
The Study Room, Rm 134, is located on the 1st floor of the College Union and is open during regular building hours.

Late Night Study
This program runs from 11pm to1am starting one week before finals. Areas on the 1st floor of the College Union, (Computer Project Area, aka CoPA, Study Room, and  CAVE? are available these times for studying.

Permission to vend in the Union is given by the Department  Student Life. Please contact the College Union office at 245-5851 to request information.