Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register to Vote?

Students can go to the GOLD Leadership Center in the MacVittie College Union Room 114 to fill out a voter registration form with the guidance of GOLD Leader Mentors. The forms will be taken to the Livingston County Board of Elections directly which means that students will not need to pay to mail the form.

Alternatively, you must complete and submit a voter registration form to the County Board of Elections where you plan to vote. As a student at SUNY Geneseo, you may register in the county in which you live or here in Geneseo with the Livingston County Board of Elections.
County Government Building
6 Court Street Room 104
Geneseo, NY 14454

How do I find the address for my home county Board of Elections?

Where do I get a Voter Registration Form?

Voter registration forms are available in the GOLD Leadership Center,  Center for Community in MacVittie 353 and at our events we are hosting this semester.  If you live on campus, you will also find forms at the hall's service desk.

Forms are also available online:

Do I register to vote in Geneseo, or in my hometown?

The place where you vote will be determined by the most recent voter registration form filed with the board of elections. You have a right to vote either at home or in Geneseo (only one location). You will need to decide the most appropriate place. Voting in Geneseo is convenient because of our on campus polling site in the Kuhl Gymnasium, and you will not need to file an absentee ballot form. Voting at home may be your preference if you and/or your family have an interest in voting for candidates that represent your home town.