Women's and Gender Studies Student Organizations

On campus organizations related to women's or gender issues:

Women's Action Coalition (WAC)

A student organization focused on women's and gender issues, as well as understanding inclusivity and intersectionality within this focus, considering issues such as race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability, etc. WAC works to raise awareness about the issues facing women and others on our own Geneseo campus, and as far as women and other communities around the world.
Meeting Time and Place: Tuesdays at 7 in the College Union Room 322

Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX)

Vox: Voices for Planned Parenthood chapters on college campuses educate and mobilize college students and young adults in support of health care access and reproductive rights. Vox groups across the country organize public events, educate their peers, support their local Planned Parenthood health centers, and mobilize students and other young people to speak out for reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care services.
Meeting Time and Place: Wednesday at 7:30 in the College Union room 323

Pride Alliance

SUNY Geneseo Pride Alliance described their mission "To provide a safe and inclusive space for LGTBQIA+ people and discuss topics relevant to the fight for equal rights, specifically for LGBTQIA+ humans."
Meeting Place and Time: Thursday at 8 in the College Union room 135 (The Hunt Room)

There are four student representatives on the Women's and Gender Studies Advisory Group; one represents WAC, one represents VOX, one represents Pride, and one represents students in the academic program of Women and Gender Studies.