Scholarship Application

The Xerox Scholarship for Multicultural Teacher Education is funded through the Xerox Foundation and if available to eligible School of Education students for all four years or until they graduate.  We seek to fill a scholarship position whenever a current scholar has graduated, or when there are additional scholarship funds available.  There are between 8-10 Xerox Center scholars at any one time. This application are continually taken through the academic year, with no deadline.  The Xerox Center Board of Advisors committee will review the scholarships and will determine a student's eligibility.  The director will get back to you with a formal letter stating one of the following options:  that you are eligible and a scholarship is being offer to you, that you are eligible but no scholarship is available at this time, or that you are ineligible.  If you are an eligible candidate for the scholarship and a spot becomes available later in the school year, you will recieve a notice from the Xerox Center at the School of Education about the scholarship and procedures to claim your scholarship.  Questions please contact Susan Norman at

Click here for the scholarship application: Scholarship

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