Biology Environmental Health and Safety

This page provides links to useful information specific to Safety in the Biology Department at SUNY Geneseo. The sites listed may change overtime. If, for some reason, a site no longer functions or has been removed from the web, please contact me via email.

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Material Safety Data Sheet Sources

Various web sources which provide MSDS

Consumer Product Safety Commision

Provides list of recalled items that may be health problem

Geneseo Environmental Health and Safety

SUNY Geneseo EH&S webpage

Campus Emergency Response and Communication Plan

Campus plan for emergencies

Chemical Hazards Response Information System

US Dept of Transportation


New York Committee for Ocupational Safety and Health


Environmental Protection Agency


New York State Environmental Health and Safety

NYS Communicable diseases

NYS consumer information on communicable diseases

Livingston County Health

provides information for county residence

Dihydrogen Monoxide







Department of Homeland Security

Updated 02/11/2006

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