Dance 240: Stage Movement

Dr. Blood; Spring 2003



F Jan 31         In class: Discuss: Syllabus. Why movement training? What is it?

Warm-up; principles of strengthening and stretching. Alignment.             Dimensions of space. A character’s physical presence.

Assign exercise #1 (see p. 5)


F Feb 7           Exercise #1 due: One minute exercise due (see p. 5).

In class: Develop warm-up. Centering. Kinosphere; explore near/mid/far reach and dimensional/diagonal scales. Space: direct vs. indirect/flexible.

Reading #1 due: Sabatine chs. 1-2, pp. 13-23, plus “centering” pp. 43-47, and “Chakras” 97-100.

Recommended Performance: Vocal Miscellany presents Boys from Syracuse by Rogers and Hart. Directed by Alan Case. Robert Sinclair Theatre. Thurs-Sun, February 6-9. 8 pm Thurs-Sat; Matinees 2 pm Sat-Sun. Tickets at Brodie box office: x5833. Tickets $5. students.


F Feb 14         In class: Finish warm-up. Now we’ll begin every class with it…

Finish/develop last week’s “One minute” characters, place in scenes.

Flow: free vs. bound. Time: tempo, rhythm, patterns. Sustained vs. sudden.

Reading #2 due: Newlove chs. 9-10 ( password: merrily

Assign Exercise #2 (see p. 5)


F Feb 21         Exercise #2 due : Gesture done three different ways (max 10 sec. each)

In class: Weight explorations: gravity, swings, light/strong force, internal vs. external forces. Strong vs. light.

Recommended Performance: Veg SOUP presents: One-act plays written and directed by Chris DiLeo. Robert Sinclair Theatre. Thurs-Sat February 20-22, 8 pm. Tickets $2. at Brodie box office: x5833.


F Feb 28         In class: Exploration of walks. External vs. internal initiation for character behavior. Tie between physical actions and emotional states.

Assign Exercise #3 (see p. 5) which will lead to character for 1st scene.

Performance: Orchesis: Beyond the Studio Mirror. Robert Sinclair Theatre. Thurs-Sat Feb. 27-Mar 1. Tickets $1 at the door.


F Mar 7          Exercise #3 due: Three gestures from 3 different gestural categories (Sabatine p. 120) to define character.

In class: Develop characters’ inner lives through external actions and movement qualities.

Assign characters into pairs for scenes.

Recommended Performance: Camp Comedy by Roy Kift. Directed by Randy Kaplan. Alice Austin Theatre. Fri. March 7–Sat. March 8, 7 pm; Mon. March 9-Sat. March 15 8 pm.  Tickets $4. at Union box office x5873 til opening day, then at Brodie box office, x5833.


F Mar 14        First drafts of scenes (1/2 class) due.

In class: Improvisations for “where/who”. Characterizing and placing objectives/obstacles in your scene partner.

Character analysis (see form p. 6) for character due, in journal.

Journal due: Readings 1-3, 1st character analysis, and 2 movement observations due.


F Mar 21        First drafts of scenes (1/2 class) due. Improvisations for “what/why”.                 Developing a conflict/tension in the scene. Bogarts’ viewpoints.

Reading #3: Sabatine pp. 116-123; 127-151 ( password: merrily)


F Mar 28        SPRING BREAK


F Apr 4           Perform final draft of scenes in class.

Recommended Peformance: Vocal Miscellany presents The Cradle Will Rock by Mark Blitzstein. Thurs-Sat April 3-5.Austin Theatre. Tickets $5. students at Brodie box office x5833.


Fri Apr 11      High School Theatre Festival; class may be rescheduled to a weekend time

In class: Mask day. Explore characters created from character/emotion masks. Work with and against music.

Recommended Performance: VegSOUP presents three one-act plays by Bertolt Brecht. Directed by Josh Benjamin. Robert Sinclair Theatre. Thurs-Sat April 10-12, 8 pm. Tickets $2. at Brodie box office: x5833.


F Apr 18         In class: Explore characters from four “Efforts” in Newlove (back to Reading #2): Pressing, Flicking, Wringing, Dabbing

                        Reading #4: Sabatine: Skim through “Part V: Applications pp. 154-190.” [I hope you will do this reading several weeks before the end of the semester and try out at least one “application” that appeals to you as your prepare your final.]

                        Assign characters and scene from play or opera for movement score

Performance: Musical Theatre Club. Alice Austin Theatre. Thurs-Sat April 17-19, 8 pm. Free.


F Apr 25         In class: Explore characters and final four “Efforts” from Newlove: Slashing, Gliding, Thrusting, Floating.

Develop actions appropriate to assigned character based on one effort. Explain and try “essence” study (Sabatine’s term).

Reading/listening #5 due: Play or opera from which your scene comes.

Recommended Performance: GenSeng's staged readings of an Asian American play, Fri 4/25 at 4, Sat 4/26 at 2, Sinclair Theatre, free.


F May 2          In class: movement score 1st draft due (1/2 class)

                        Further essence study for movement scores

Character analysis (see form p. 6) for character in scene due, in journal


Recommended Performance: Spring Dance Concert. Alice Austin Theatre. Thurs-Sun May 1-4; Thurs-Sat 8 pm, Sun 2 pm. Tickets $4. at Brodie box office, x5833.


F May 9          In class: movement score 1st draft due (1/2 class)

Journal due: Readings 4-5, 2nd character analysis, and 2 more movement

Observations due


Final Examination: Monday May 19, 12-3. Warm up and present final movement scores of scenes from a play or opera.