Name: Jane Louise Boger     Boger rhymes with "ogre" - long "o", hard "g"
Just Call Me "Janie"               Maiden Name: Bannigan
Position: Part-Time Instructor and Department Nit-Picker - "Have Red Pen, Will Proofread"
Office Hours: I’m usually only on campus Tuesdays and Fridays.
Tuesday I have labs from 9:15 to 11:15 and 12:45 to 4:50 and
Fridays I’m in and out of the GSCI Learning Center all day, so it’s often best to
contact me at the "home office" on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday.
E-mail (home):   Remove NOSPAM before sending a message.

B.Sc. - Geology, University of Maryland, 1973
M.Sc. - Geology, The Ohio State University, 1976
Thesis: Conodont biostratigraphy of the upper Beekmantown Group and the St. Paul Group
           (Early and Middle Ordovician) of Maryland and West Virginia

Courses Taught:
GSCI 100: Introductory Geology Labs for non-science majors 1976 - present
GSCI 100: Introductory Geology - Lecture & Lab Summer 1986 & 87, Spring, 1991
GSCI 399: Research Reports in Geology (technical writing) 1981-1983
Research Interests:
Some people think I have no interests at all except whatever my "Lord and Master" is currently working on. Although it’s true I would not have gotten into development of educational software without Bog’s technical expertise and enthusiasm, it’s also true that I enjoy many aspects of creating computer-assisted labs for geology courses. Troubleshooting, proofreading and improving these computer programs occupy most of my "days off" and whatever "free time" I have during my "days on" campus.

Recent Publications:
Boger, P.D. and J.L. Boger, 1997. "Always Leave ‘Em Wanting More": Creating, Incorporating and Assessing the Effectiveness of Interactive Computer Programs in Large-Enrollment Introductory Lab Science Courses: Laboratory Exercises, Tutorials, Graphics, Images, and Lecture Presentations. Poster Session, 6th Annual SUNY FACT Conference on Instructional Technologies: Learning With Technologies: Design, Implement, Assess. Brockport, NY, May 28, 1997.
Boger, P.D., J.L. Boger, Carlson, R.J., Frye, C. I., and Hochella, M. F., Jr., 1997. Laboratory 2: Mineral Properties, Uses and Identification, p. 29-50. IN Busch, Richard M. (ed), Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology, Fourth Edition. American Geological Institute and National Association of Geoscience Teachers.
Prentice Hall Publishing Co. Upper Saddle River, NJ. 280 p.
Boger, Jane L. and Phillip D. Boger, 1996. Our Geologic Environment Laboratory Exercises.
Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, IA. 240 pages.
Boger, Phillip D. and Jane L Boger., 1996, Computer Technology for Lecture Presentations in
Large-Enrollment Introductory Geology Classes. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 28(3).
Boger, Phillip David and Jane Louise Boger, 1994. Computer-Assisted Learning In Introductory Geology Labs. Journal Of Geoscience Education, 42(5):461-466.
Boger, Phillip D. and Jane L. Boger, 1994. Interactive Computer Tutorials For Introductory Geology Courses. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs. March, 1994.
Boger, P. D. and J. L. Boger, 1993. Computer-Assisted Learning In Introductory Geology Labs. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, October, 1993.
Boger, P. D. and J. L. Boger, 1993. Computer Applications For The Improvement Of Introductory Geology Lab Exercises. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, October, 1993.
Boger, Phillip D. and Jane L. Boger, 1993. Computer-assisted learning in introductory science labs. Focus On Instruction Conference: Technology Applied to Learning, Syracuse University.

Personal Interests/Hobbies:

Caring for and enjoying Naweedna, our 33 acre mini-park/wildlife refuge/farm/homestead in the beautiful Genesee River Valley. Because I refuse to use a lawn mower, tractor, chain saw or other motorized equipment, I do more of the enjoying of, and less of the caring for, Naweedna, than Bog does. He clears the land, I plant the flowers.


The name "Naweedna" comes from a story I wrote for a 10th grade Greek Mythology class explaining why unwanted plants are called "weeds". We have learned to love weeds as much as any flower, especially if they produce seeds that attract wildlife, especially birds. 

Traveling, camping, hiking: While Bog does his Paul Hogan impression driving the Outback, I play navigator to keep us "on the road again" in obscure parts of America’s natural places. Thanks to Dave Delorme, Bill Gates, Ted Waitt and other computer gods for the hardware and software that have made reading and folding maps unnecessary.

Lifting Weights and Using a Treadmill so I can indulge in two other personal interests:
CHOCOLATE (it’s not just for breakfast anymore, you know) and
creating the exotic cuisine that Bog likes to sample. Nigerian Groundnut Stew, anyone?

My "spare time" is spent writing to and making greeting cards for my 10 siblings, 25 niblings, mothers,
various aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, including many alumni of the Geneseo Geology department.

left to right in chronological order: Margaret, Jane, Rose, Alice, Mary, Liz, Therese, Kathy

sung to the tune of "Harrigan"

For it was
B-A-double-N-I  G-A-N
spells Bannigan, Bannigan
Proud of all the Irish blood
that’s in me;
Divil a man to
say a word agin me.
B-A-double-N-I  G-A-N,
you see…
It’s a name that a shame
never has been connected with
Bannigan, that’s me!

The entire Bannigan Clanigan in 1978:
Standing: Bill, Jane, Therese, Liz, Mary, Mom, Dad,
Margaret, Rose, Alice, George
Kneeling: Kathy and Michael

The Bannigan Siblings in 1987:
Back Row: George, Michael, Bill, Rose
Front Row: Kathy, Mary, Jane, Therese, Margaret, Liz, Alice

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As the Sun sinks slowly behind the couch...
Hey, that's not a son, that's a daughter.