Alaska - June 2003                Trip Log Text Version

Group at Mizewell.jpg (39993 bytes) The Group at Mizewell. Wanna have fun? Mizewell. Wanna fly over Denali? Mizewell. Wanna rip CDs? Mizewell. Wanna drink beer? Mizewell. Wanna catch fish? Mizewell. Wanna land icebergs? Mizewell. Wanna go to pawnshops? Mizewell. Wanna see bear? Mizewell. Wanna see puffins? Mizewell. Wanna see whales? Mizewell. Wanna see otters? Mizewell. Wanna see sea lions? Mizewell. Wanna see VISTAS? Just try to avoid 'em!
001-Bear.jpg (277468 bytes) Bog, Janie, you might want to look out back ...
002-SignAtERNC.jpg (64339 bytes) Note board at Eagle River Nature Center. Notice the total daylight ... and sightings. It should have said: 4 Weird and Wacky Geneseo Geologists pointing and gawking.
003-GroupERNC.jpg (240004 bytes) VISTA! The visitors from the lower 48 at Eagle River Nature Center. Nice scenery, eh? Oh, those are some fine peanuts Amy is holding ;-)
004-FtRichardson&SleepingWoman.jpg (146888 bytes) VISTA! Ft Richardson overlook: Anchorage is to the left and Susitna Mtn, the Sleeping Lady, across the bay. Just drivin' around lookin' at shit: DALAS.
005-Brian&SignEklutnaLk.jpg (160805 bytes) A sign for Brian at the beginning of the Eklutna Lake trail. Appropriate, don't you think? Fortunately, we're still waiting ...
006-EklutnaLk.jpg (121330 bytes) VISTA! Eklutna Lake - the glacier is to the right, just around the bend.
007-LowWaterEklutnaLk.jpg (163644 bytes) It has been dry in AK as evidenced by the various shore lines around the lake.
008-KarateKiddingEklutnaLk.jpg (188882 bytes) The Karate Kid, courting disaster. He says he likes the 'wax off' move best.
009-Melissa&CharlieStreetSigns.jpg (114916 bytes) The corner of Melissa and Charlie Streets near B&C's house (Mizewell). Brian ran this far the first morning and that was the end of his exercise program for the trip. Hey, he got farther with his exercise program than with his pledge to practice Spanish for 20 minutes a day. He probably didn't even learn the Spanish words for fun, fish, iceberg, pawnshop, bear, puffins, whales, otters, sea lions, or VISTAS. But he already knew the Spanish for beer: Si, Una Mas, Por Favor! and that's enough!
010-B&C&PepperWaynes.jpg (110231 bytes) TUTELAGE! Bob shows Char and Brian how to handle a hot pepper at Wayne's Original Texas Barbeque in Anchorage. Oh, that's the band in the background - Keith Janeau on fiddle. Notice the assortment of sauces and the drippings on the cup of beans. Yummy.
011-HotBog.jpg (99365 bytes) TUTELAGE! Bog shows Brian how to cool off after having a hot pepper at Wayne's Original Texas Barbeque in Anchorage. Some of the sauces were a little H-H-Hot.
012-DrBobReadyToOperate.jpg (105107 bytes) TUTELAGE! Dr. Pickled is ready to dissect some of Wayne's Texas brisket. That is the same Swiss Army knife Bob had back in Klumz Ahia, so it is at least 30 years old, but it's still sharp. Bob is also at least 30 years old; as for still being sharp ... ;-)
013-Waynes.jpg (83878 bytes) Ah, Wayne's slowly disappears as we drive away. It was a good time. We recommend it to anyone in Anchorage. Bye, Wayne, we'll look for you and your big ol' belt buckle on Oprah!
014-Bog&GarlicMoosesTooth.jpg (122574 bytes) TUTELAGE! Bog shows Brian the remains of a roasted garlic clove. It was lip-disappearing good, as was The Moose's Tooth Stout.
015-Group&MaryMoosesTooth.jpg (167973 bytes) TUTELAGE! Bob and Bog show Brian how to win friends and influence waitpersons. So here we are after adopting our server wench, Mary whose husband is from VT and likes Genny. Go figure.
016-HatsRumrunners.jpg (145267 bytes) TUTELAGE! Bog and Brian show Bob how to flaunt the rules. At Rumrunner's, "hats must be worn straight forward or straight backwards". This demonstrates what NOT to do. In the foreground, you can see the "pieces" used to play condiment chess ...
017-CondimentChessRumrunners.jpg (152229 bytes) TUTELAGE! Our server, 'Neo' (so named b/c of his resemblance to Keanu), gives Bob some hints on how to counter Brian's twisting double-back flip Tabasco move.
018-BogJesseBrianSnowgoose.jpg (170461 bytes) TUTELAGE! Ah, here we are with Jesse, the brew master at the Snow Goose Brew Pub. Michele, our server wench, is staying as far away from us as possible.
019-BrianFlipsBogOff.jpg (140926 bytes) My boy, Brian, loves me ... he thinks that is the symbol for love or rock on or something.
020-BungeeBog.jpg (114466 bytes) TUTELAGE! Bog shows Brian how to bungee jump from DUNNO, the van. Always be sure the bungee cord is shorter than the length of the fall.
021-Music-ComputerRoom.jpg (99802 bytes) Ah, the music/computer room at Mizewell. This is where a bunch of CDs were ripped for transport to NY. Yay, me!
022-PrecisionGuesswork.jpg (70557 bytes) This place is located at the entrance to Bob's development. Don't understand why, with a name like that, they would go out of business - do you?
023-Latitude62Talkeetna.jpg (131639 bytes) The Latitude 62 (longitude 150) restaurant in Talkeetna - where we had lunch before taking the Denali fly-over.
024-AirplaneTalkeetna.jpg (119615 bytes) The ten passenger plane for our flight. That is Trent with the hose - pilot, ground crew, gas jockey - Trent can do it all. What will he do with all of us?
025-OnPlane.jpg (70053 bytes) Here we are preparing for take off. Are we a disaster waiting to happen? 
026-GlaciersFlight.jpg (124737 bytes) VISTA! Hey, it's Alaska, folks. Notice how the snow line meets the glacier up valley. Trent told us it had snowed as recently as the day before.

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